Wednesday, August 10


Feather. F-E-A-T-H-E-R. Feather.
My brother Boyd (or his friend?) had to spell feather once for a spelling bee contest on tv, and we had it on tape, and I can still hear them perfectly saying it...he was maybe 12 or something? THAT'S what I think of when I hear the word feather! Lol! 
This is one of my favourite things I've made ever!! For two was so freaking cheap, and took about ten minutes. You can't beat that! For the longest time I was searching on the internet for a feather wreath. Like over a year ago. And I couldn't find anything ever...nothing would come up at all except nasty stuff. 
And then after about six months of searching randomly (really, I'm THAT slow), it hit me to just MAKE ONE! Ha ha...makes me laugh it took me that long to put the two together. Dollar store feather boas and cardboard!! All I did was glue it on with my glue gun. I think two or three are on this one? The only hard thing was finding enough white feather boas at the dollar store. Whenever you see them, BUY them! :) 
I think this would make the perfect craft for Relief Society or Young Womens one night, because did I mention it was cheap? And EASY! Oh, and so stinking cute?? It's seriously one of my favourite things. I know, I say that about a lot of stuff. I have a lot of favourite things, just like Julie Andrews and Oprah, k?
Oh, and right after I made mine (of course), Sarah Richardson (my design idol) made very similar ones for her Christmas party. I may or may not have yelled at my tv something along the lines of, "I all ready thought of that Sarah!". Ha ha...I should write her some fan mail promising her we'd be great friends...ya...good idea Pam.
And please don't take me seriously when I act like I'm the only one to think up these ideas...because I am so.not.serious. I just get excited now and then when I think of something that I THINK I thought up...ha ha. :o)
Anyway, now go make one!

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  1. K I seriously want to make one soooo bad now!! I just know it somehow won't look as good as yours haha


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