Saturday, August 13

Done...for now.

Sometimes I really, like really, dislike blogger! I was all set to blog some Wasa pics, but anyway, they didn't work out, so I thought I'd throw up these screen shots of Skye's blog that's FINISHED! But not really...ha ha. She has to update her blog when it comes out in a month or so, and then I'm going to make her a major cute navbar, and THEN it's done! :) There's five headers, so make sure and go check them all out! I love the finished result! She bought her logo and background paper from Image Garden to make things a bit easier for us. Isn't their stuff gorgeous? It's funny, I said to Derick, "it feels like Skye's blog is actually my blog". Ha ha...I've seen it so much the past month that it's more familiar to me than my own...and cuter, I might add! Got to get to work. Skye isn't going to "announce" anything for a bit I don't think as she has some info to update in places, but I thought I'd still share it here! It was so fun, and seriously, Skye's excessive use of exclamation marks and the caps lock key hands down makes her the best client ever. What a serious privilege it was to get to work with her. Her stuff is hands down the cream of the crop...she is amazing!! In case you live under a rock and haven't seen her photography, go check it out NOW.
Anyway...on to the next thing! Ha ha. 


  1. ohhh my FREAK so stinking ADORABLE! Love each of those headers and freaking LOVe the draw ons. The airplane is SOOOO ridiculously cute. I seriously am dumbfounded I'm related to you sometimes haha LOVE IT! LOVE IT ALLLL!

  2. looks awesome!! can't wait to see it all on her blog! way to go!

  3. Oh Pam you know me to well now, I'm dying to announce it but that would be so silly because I need to finish it, it's my project tomorrow!! Did you know under mentoring it said BLAH BLAH BLAH?? Hahaha I laughed so hard, wonder how many people saw it and were rude! hahaha oh man! This was so super fun to work on with you, you exceeded my expectations and I look at my blog and think, how did we end up with this cuteness?!?! Oh because you are amazing and that's all. I open my blog and hug my computer...because I LOVE MY BLOG SO MUCH!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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