Friday, August 26

A Day With Boss

I am so in love with this picture and this little boy...sheesh! Isn't it so funny how you can take a million pictures of your own kid, and not want to delete ANY of them because of the SLIGHTLY different expression they are making in each one? :)
A few weeks ago Van spent the day with Grandma in Waterton, and we got to enjoy a quiet day with just Boston and Baker. It's amazing how different kids are without each other around. As much fun as they are together, Boston is such a quiet little stud on his own! 
He took over the role of Baker watch very seriously. What's funny is I filled 100 water balloons for him this day and didn't take a single picture of it! I would just fill it, tie it, and within about 10 seconds he would pop it. He was in heaven and so was I. :)
Me and Derick are actually in Kalispell right now!! I scheduled this post before I funny how I feel the need to confess when my posts have been scheduled! Like it's cheating or something???? 
Thanks to my parents and Sam and Landon for watching the munchkins!! Aunt and Uncle...sleeping over with the kids? Getting Baker his bottle at 5am? THE BEST! We haven't had a night away from the kids since May last year when I was about 6 months pregnant, so we're pretty dang excited! Not that I'm complaining...just really looking forward to it. :) 
And as much as I love the first picture in this post, I love this last one just as much!! It's a totally weirdo face, but it is SO SO Boston! He pulls it all the time...glad I caught one on camera. :)


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