Sunday, August 21


I was lucky enough to take picture of Derick's cousin's cute little family last week. Emily was a baby last time Amanda had pictures done, so I should say it was time for new ones! Lol! Might as well start things off with my two favourite family shots!
I drove around a bit before and came across the outdoor rodeo fairgrounds in Raymond and thought YES!!! It was super fun to shoot there!! I can't wait to try it out again.
Aren't these kids the cutest? Riley was seriously cracking me up the whole time. If you'll notice, he has his gun in all the pictures holstered into his pants. Little boys are the best.
LOVED these ones below in black and white.
We had to really work to get these last few smiles out of the kids, but definitely worth it of course! I love how pictures always seem sooooo not worth the stress...but then you see the pictures and it's always like, okay, that was definitely worth it! :)
The beautiful Amanda. :) Btw, the pic on the right is's not in real life, so no worries. :) Got to love Blogger. 
And ending things with the favourite (and last) shot of the day!! Amanda, your pictures are ready to be picked up! (Except I'm not going to be home today. Lol.)
I'm excited for you to see the other half! Thanks again!


  1. SOOOO ridiculously cute!! seriously so adorable! LOVE the last one and such a good idea at the grounds I love the bleacher ones!

  2. oh those are SO cute!! good work! love that last one too!

  3. These are REALLY adorable. Love love them.


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