Sunday, August 28

This is one of my favourite before and afters of my whole house since I've been wanting to change that pantry door since the day we moved in! The picture on it just was never my thing, but the worst part was the blasted fingerprints that were constantly there!! And it didn't matter how much I scrubbed it, eventually it was mugged past the point of no return. I had been wanting to work chalkboard paint somewhere into my house, and had thought about lots of different options of things I could do to the door, until one day it clicked that painting the pantry door would solve both dilemmas! I'm not sure you're really supposed to paint glass, but I did! 
It seems like if you were to TRY and scratch it off, that you probably could, but so far, my kids have shown zero interest in it....and fingerprints just sort of blend in with the whole wiped-chalkboard look, so it's a win/win! If only I could figure out a way to disguise the fingerprints all over the door handle area...besides actually cleaning them off myself, of course. I painted the inside of the door too, and we use it for a running list of things we are currently trying to get done! 
I had been wanting to do some sort of fun chalkboard art on it, and I got this idea from here. I almost don't want to include the link in the post because it shows how CRAPPY mine looks! Lol! Keep in mind, I did it with sidewalk chalk! Ha ha. Derick has since purchased smaller white chalk and a proper brush, so one day when I feel like it, I'm going to erase it and start over. I know I can do better! :) But it will do just fine until then. I love it!
And I also thought I'd include a picture of my new yellow lamp I got from UO and put in my living room. It's kind of an odd angle for a pic, but doesn't it have so much personality?? I tried my hardest not to buy it when they first came out with it...and that lasted about a week! Anyone want to buy my old one? Ha ha. 
Oh, and by the way, Kalispell was great! Antiquing was good...only found stuff at Station 8 of course. And I think I jinxed myself with posting Van's room, because now I have even more awesome stuff to cram in there...

Friday, August 26

I am so in love with this picture and this little boy...sheesh! Isn't it so funny how you can take a million pictures of your own kid, and not want to delete ANY of them because of the SLIGHTLY different expression they are making in each one? :)
A few weeks ago Van spent the day with Grandma in Waterton, and we got to enjoy a quiet day with just Boston and Baker. It's amazing how different kids are without each other around. As much fun as they are together, Boston is such a quiet little stud on his own! 
He took over the role of Baker watch very seriously. What's funny is I filled 100 water balloons for him this day and didn't take a single picture of it! I would just fill it, tie it, and within about 10 seconds he would pop it. He was in heaven and so was I. :)
Me and Derick are actually in Kalispell right now!! I scheduled this post before I funny how I feel the need to confess when my posts have been scheduled! Like it's cheating or something???? 
Thanks to my parents and Sam and Landon for watching the munchkins!! Aunt and Uncle...sleeping over with the kids? Getting Baker his bottle at 5am? THE BEST! We haven't had a night away from the kids since May last year when I was about 6 months pregnant, so we're pretty dang excited! Not that I'm complaining...just really looking forward to it. :) 
And as much as I love the first picture in this post, I love this last one just as much!! It's a totally weirdo face, but it is SO SO Boston! He pulls it all the time...glad I caught one on camera. :)

Wednesday, August 24

Van's room!! I'm almost afraid to share it, even though I know I shouldn't be. I'm worried people will see how much room Van's room has, and how Boston could obviously easily fit in there. Though space in Van's room was never the reason we put Boss in the laundry room anyways. 
Anyway, I love each of my little boys' rooms! They have been so fun to decorate, so anyone who thinks it's hard to decorate for boys...think again! :) Every time I go antiquing/shopping I come home and have to cram something else cool in there somewhere! 
His bed is from the Red Deer, Alberta hospital over 50 years ago at least. My Grandma was a nurse there (she just passed away at almost 97 last week...what an awesome woman she was!!). She had two beds for her twins (my dad and his bro), and I have both beds, one for Van and the other waiting to be Boston's. And it was my bed in college. I think I'll paint them gray next! Skis from Station 8, curtains from Ikea and Target, license plates are antiqued and hung with twine strung through them, bedding on sale from Pottery Barn.
The nightstand was thrifted for $10 and spraypainted green. The globe was antiqued, and the rug is form the flea market in Hawaii. The little chair was thrifted and spraypainted, and the little thing hanging above it is "Van's boot holder" I antiqued last month and blogged about here.  I made the map magnet board out of a $5 map of Alberta and some modge podge. The magnets are Melissa and Doug.
The above western pictures (LOVE THEM!!!) were antiqued and also blogged in the antiquing post I just linked. The pennants are from Land of Nod. Only $15!!
Looks like that little antique airplane is making the rounds in the boys' rooms. :) The orange cuddle bag was a gift from my sister and her husband (who are awesome). The kids love it. Van watches a movie on it every day during quiet time while the other kids nap, and he usually falls asleep there too and takes his own nap. Skateboarding pillow from Ross. 
The boat rutter is one of my favourite things in the if it were possible for me to pick. :) It's from Station 8. I decided to throw in a pic of the kids' bathroom too...the shower curtain is from PB, boat rug from Target, and the little hedgehog clock is from Superstore. 

SO I know I was going to share my house before the end of summer...but I'm thinking it's going to be an Indian Summer, k? We're a bit behind on the projects, but things are coming and I'm SO excited at how close my basement is to being totally and completely done! Why is it that so many things get left unfinished down there? 
Who knows. Maybe I'll still submit Van's room to Ohdeedoh. Just to mix it up! I don't like the fact that I'm "afraid" to...especially because I don't feel like I have anything to hide! But I also don't like encouraging anyone either....maybe they won't even put two and two together. I doubt anyone will remember Boston's brother's name was Van....and that we were from Lethbridge, Alberta....I am so paranoid! But then again, it's all right here on the blog! SO annoying!!

Tuesday, August 23

I just finished re-designing this blog TONIGHT! And I was too excited not to immediately share it. :) Another super-cute background from Image Garden (we adjusted the colors though), and I'm in love with her logo!! So simple yet awesome. She had the border for her logo all ready, not sure from where. And aren't the clothespins so fun?? You have to click over to see all eight headers! And you have to see their neat trick, too. :) I'm so lucky to have been able to work with another awesome photographer...this is a job that I think I could get used to!! Seriously, go check out Paige's work NOW! 

Sunday, August 21


I was lucky enough to take picture of Derick's cousin's cute little family last week. Emily was a baby last time Amanda had pictures done, so I should say it was time for new ones! Lol! Might as well start things off with my two favourite family shots!
I drove around a bit before and came across the outdoor rodeo fairgrounds in Raymond and thought YES!!! It was super fun to shoot there!! I can't wait to try it out again.
Aren't these kids the cutest? Riley was seriously cracking me up the whole time. If you'll notice, he has his gun in all the pictures holstered into his pants. Little boys are the best.
LOVED these ones below in black and white.
We had to really work to get these last few smiles out of the kids, but definitely worth it of course! I love how pictures always seem sooooo not worth the stress...but then you see the pictures and it's always like, okay, that was definitely worth it! :)
The beautiful Amanda. :) Btw, the pic on the right is's not in real life, so no worries. :) Got to love Blogger. 
And ending things with the favourite (and last) shot of the day!! Amanda, your pictures are ready to be picked up! (Except I'm not going to be home today. Lol.)
I'm excited for you to see the other half! Thanks again!

Thursday, August 18

My $30 Bed

Isn't she pretty? I found it on Kijiji after searching for this style of bed for awhile...when Derick brought it home he said, "we just paid $30 for someone's crap," in true husband style. I was so excited to finally sell my existing bed that had been there for $50! I bought two cans of oil-rubbed bronze spray, and lickety split, was in love with my new bed!!
This is our guest bedroom...that was once occupied by one of my best friends Jordan...Jordan, you have a new pretty bed now. Will you please move back? Jesse (her husband) can come too if he wants. 
Didn't it turn out beyond awesome?? Seriously, in case you live in a cave, oil-rubbed bronze spraypaint makes just about EVERYTHING pretty. 
The shams behind the white pillows were $10 for the pair from UO, and were originally purchased to go with their matching blanket, which WAS supposed to go on this bed. But I found I couldn't part with's put down roots in the living room now, and I never was good at change. Luckily this blanket that my Grandma Bennett made waaaay back in the day (that I stole from my mom's spare bed in their wasn't even on TOP of the bed!!),  actually matched the shams great! So all is well in bedland. The pillow in front was originally bought for my couches, but UO said it was RED, and that was a lie. It's pink...but don't tell Derick I admitted it. 
And in other related cute-bed news, check out this beauty that was DIY'ed by my sister-in-law Tina and her hubby. She blogged about it here. I'm head over heels in love with it. I sat there and drooled just about the whole time they made it. And don't even mind The Dads in the picture (the one that looks like he'd play a great Santa Claus is mine, the one that looks like he'd make a great Bruce Willis is Derick's). It was July 1st, and everyone comes out to celebrate July 1st, and my dad (Fred) just can't keep his hands to himself when there's a project going on. Again, Tina, my apologies. 
And finally on the random bed post, I end with these two strange pics. The one on the left is how we got away with my making my Andre the giant mattress in the guest room not drown the bed frame. We screwed the bed frame right into the wall at a higher height, and sat it on this board that sat on the trim just for extra stability. Fancy, eh? And these pretty white beds on the right were bought for $15 EACH!! They are Pottery Barn, and I bought them at Gabe's. (Insert moment of silence for no longer living by Gabe's.) I bought them before Van was even born, in Pittsburgh, and thought they'd make great little girl beds...either one cute bed, with a headboard and footboard (we'd cut down the footboard one), or two matching single girl beds. Alas, no little girls in this household yet. I still can't manage to part ways with these bed frames though....maybe one day! :)

We (meaning Derick) are currently in the midst of spraypainting some lockers to complete the guest bedroom, and then I promise to share the rest!!

Sunday, August 14

Okay, so nothing like a good shower to make me feel like I can come back and CONQUER blogger. Take THAT blogger, and THIS, and THAT! 
I feel better. 
Aren't 2 year-olds the best??? Boston's personality cracks me up every day all day long. My mom had this sweet craft ready at Wasa (very unlike Peg, we were all extremely be fair, her extremely crafty best friend Pat gave her the ideas). Anyway, she only had to buy a few things at the dollar store to make these "robots", the rest came from my Dad's shop that could pass for a professional autobody shop if you didn't know any better!
Aren't they the cutest things? I'm talking about both the robots and the kids btw. And you can't beat basically free! Leah helped Riley (my brother Trent's oldest) make one, with awesome curly fro hair just like Riley's, and she just kept saying, "I love robot me!" It was very high amounts of cute. 
Leah let Van play with her camera, and he was very high amounts of happy with himself when he realized HE was in control of the camera for once, not me. Which reminds me of a quote, "I feel...I feel happy of myself!"  Thanks Leah for the youtube share, and also for the reminder to let Van play with my camera more.
Boston eating strawberries = cute.
I've sort of been on a blogging rampage this week, eh? I start making lists in my head (okay, and on paper too), and I literally can't fall asleep good at night until the lists are checked off. It's how I get so much done...and how come I have headaches at the end of most days. And don't ask me why, but I really enjoy blogging. There's just something about it that makes me feel very happy of myself! Lol! 
I promise not to blog for at least three days...ha ha. 

Saturday, August 13

Sometimes I really, like really, dislike blogger! I was all set to blog some Wasa pics, but anyway, they didn't work out, so I thought I'd throw up these screen shots of Skye's blog that's FINISHED! But not really...ha ha. She has to update her blog when it comes out in a month or so, and then I'm going to make her a major cute navbar, and THEN it's done! :) There's five headers, so make sure and go check them all out! I love the finished result! She bought her logo and background paper from Image Garden to make things a bit easier for us. Isn't their stuff gorgeous? It's funny, I said to Derick, "it feels like Skye's blog is actually my blog". Ha ha...I've seen it so much the past month that it's more familiar to me than my own...and cuter, I might add! Got to get to work. Skye isn't going to "announce" anything for a bit I don't think as she has some info to update in places, but I thought I'd still share it here! It was so fun, and seriously, Skye's excessive use of exclamation marks and the caps lock key hands down makes her the best client ever. What a serious privilege it was to get to work with her. Her stuff is hands down the cream of the crop...she is amazing!! In case you live under a rock and haven't seen her photography, go check it out NOW.
Anyway...on to the next thing! Ha ha. 

Thursday, August 11

Would anyone be surprised to hear that this shelf is one of my favourite things ever? Okay, so apparently I love things in my house just like I love my kids...I always say that one is my favourite, but really, I love them all equally!!! 
Derick built me this shelf from mdf for my birthday two years ago. Yeah, I'm that girl who calls in favours for her birthday. You could learn a thing or two from me. :) I had been wanting a shelf like this for the longest time, and I had these baskets for Ikea, so I had him build it around them so things would fit perfectly and we could fit bills, keys, sunglasses, receipts, coupons..all that good stuff in there. 
I don't really know HOW he made it. If anyone really wants details, I can ask him to give me a more detailed explanation! :) I mixed some leftover paint for the color. (Van's first baby room in Pittsburgh was brown and a deep turquoise...I miss it!). Then I just sanded parts, and rubbed a poly/stain mix on it. It matches the other little blue table perfectly. And since it's hard to see, I'll list what's in the jars. Left to right is elastics, changes, paperclips, game pieces (like the ones you'd play Sorry with...found them at the dollar store), marbles and dominoes. Birds from PB and Home hardware, soap dish was my Grandpa's, and the one-hole antique hole punch was a gift from my thoughtful mother-in-law! The things in these squares change now and then...aren't the opportunities endless of what you could fill those little squares with!!!
The hooks, bench, rug and chair are all from Ikea. I love having so many hooks in the back entrance area!  The cover on the bench was sewn by Ducan for me. It was a bit pricy...$60. I thought it would be more like $40, but I guess that's what happens when you don't make sure you get the quote first! The material is from Jo-Ann's. It was $7. :) Old chair was antiqued from The Barn in Great Falls and the flower cross-stitch is from Salvation Army. And I love it. :) Not sure where all the birds came from...I'm not even that crazy about birds! Ha ha...

"HOME" letters are from Urban Outfitters. So is the orange bird and the white owl. For the longest time the "E" in home was backordered. For about a year it spelt. "HOM". It was frustrating! :) But what a happy day when Sam (my sis-in-law) noticed that the Es were back in stock!! (Apparently they were never going to make them "ever" again). The spools are from PB, and the jars are from the dollar store. Total fluke that they fit so well! Old camera from Station 8 and an awesome antique store in Stavely that's actually owned by my first cousins. (A love of antiques DEFINITELY runs in my family).I love that they've actually followed the dream and started a store on their own. 
I digress.
Yellow knobs from Hobby Lobby from Utah (thanks Leah from bringing them back for me!) I've never had the privilege of stepping foot in a Hobby Lobby personally. Hook from UO, and the birds I made and stuffed myself! They each have a marble in their butts so they hang right. I made them right before Baker was's the tut. I saw some birds strung like that on Tara Whitney's blog and so I made my own. (After I found out I couldn't buy them anymore). Btw, Tara is my second-favourite photographer...and I am in love with her house too. 
We were supposed to put beadboard halfway up the two walls here too, but Derick's broken wrist derailed those plans. Oh well! 

Wednesday, August 10


Feather. F-E-A-T-H-E-R. Feather.
My brother Boyd (or his friend?) had to spell feather once for a spelling bee contest on tv, and we had it on tape, and I can still hear them perfectly saying it...he was maybe 12 or something? THAT'S what I think of when I hear the word feather! Lol! 
This is one of my favourite things I've made ever!! For two was so freaking cheap, and took about ten minutes. You can't beat that! For the longest time I was searching on the internet for a feather wreath. Like over a year ago. And I couldn't find anything ever...nothing would come up at all except nasty stuff. 
And then after about six months of searching randomly (really, I'm THAT slow), it hit me to just MAKE ONE! Ha ha...makes me laugh it took me that long to put the two together. Dollar store feather boas and cardboard!! All I did was glue it on with my glue gun. I think two or three are on this one? The only hard thing was finding enough white feather boas at the dollar store. Whenever you see them, BUY them! :) 
I think this would make the perfect craft for Relief Society or Young Womens one night, because did I mention it was cheap? And EASY! Oh, and so stinking cute?? It's seriously one of my favourite things. I know, I say that about a lot of stuff. I have a lot of favourite things, just like Julie Andrews and Oprah, k?
Oh, and right after I made mine (of course), Sarah Richardson (my design idol) made very similar ones for her Christmas party. I may or may not have yelled at my tv something along the lines of, "I all ready thought of that Sarah!". Ha ha...I should write her some fan mail promising her we'd be great friends...ya...good idea Pam.
And please don't take me seriously when I act like I'm the only one to think up these ideas...because I am so.not.serious. I just get excited now and then when I think of something that I THINK I thought up...ha ha. :o)
Anyway, now go make one!

Friday, August 5

Today is my 10-year reunion that I've been planning for about 6 weeks now!! I'm super excited for it...I hope everyone has fun. I'm a bit nervous for that part! An old friend is helping me with the program part of it, so that's good...I shouldn't have to stand up in front of everyone much! Ha ha...I'll do a post about some of the different ideas we did when it's all over! 
I wanted to post, but I only had these pictures in my blog folders, they are looking pretty measly! So Boston's baby book it is...I'm going to take a TON of pics next week of different things around the house...I'm excited! Oh, and I also promise to blog some Wasa pictures...since "everyone" (meaning my few sisters-in-law who follow this blog) enjoyed the KOA pics so much. :) 
SO, Boss's book is green. I love his title page.....just threw a bunch of Bs down the sides, cut out his name with my cricut, and put the info from his birth right on each picture I used. Super easy and clean looking. Again, the above pages were done before he was born. Preparations that were made on the left (including names we were considering naming him), and maternity symptoms/ultrasound pics on the right. 
Belly pics that were also done beforehand on the left...I remember SCROUNGING to find belly pics of Boston. You can tell if you look closely...there are only three pictures of me actually posing for a blelly shot...the rest are pics I found where you could "see" my belly. Ha ha...and all the hospital info and pics on the right. Inside the hospital page are his bracelet, and also a paper I always keep with each baby marking down my contractions. (Even though I've had three c-sections, the first two I still totally did labor).
Months 1 and 2. 
Blessing page on the left and month 3 on the right. I try my hardest to remember as much as I can from the blessing, and usually jot down notes right after it is over. 

"Firsts" on the left, and month 4 on th eright. 
Month 5 on the left, month 6 on the right. 
Month 7 on the left, and month 8 on the right. This is one of my favourite layouts I've done since it was so so easy...just strips of paper dividing the pages up, with journaling squares in some of them, and pictures in the rest. In fact, I've used this layout on Jolene's scrapbooks a couple of times too. Yes, I scrapbook Jolene's four kids' baby books. FOR REAL, I do...I'm the best sister in the world, eh? Actually, Jolene's the wicked sister, not me. I'll explain the "process" of me doing hers some time in the fall probably...and I'll include some of my favourite layouts from her books...
These two pages are all months 10, 11 and 12. Some journaling on the left, and some on the right. I actually thought of the idea (along with many other moms, I am sure!) to have Derick write on his page, so he wrote under the "He Said" section, and it was super cute. I have started to do it a lot more, and I thought I was super smart, and then Ali Edwards posted a week or so later about how SHE was starting to have her husband journal on her pages too. Dang you Ali Edwards! Ha ha....
If you noticed, I only include one or two pics from Halloween and Christmas and birthdays and stuff like that. I took a BILLION, but they are in the family album. I keep their books about them and the smaller events in their life. Mischief they got into, my favourite expressions they make, things they have learned, my favourite outfits I dress them in...stuff like that! That's the stuff that matters I think! Not the 50 pictures from their birthday I took. (And they can find those 50 pics in the family album if they want!).
12 to 18 months.
I also don't include a TON of pics of other people. Their books are ALL ABOUT them. I may include a small pic of one of their good friends or something like that...and the odd grandparent pic, or pic with mom or dad...and the odd sibling picture....but really, that is very, very rare. Their book is about them and the things they do....I know lots of people disagree with this! And that's okay. :) I still talk about how they love to play with their brothers and all the mischief they get into together, of course....but it's just so hard to fit EVERYTHING in there, and again, there's a BILLION pics of them with their family, friends and siblings in the family album. 
It sounds cheesy, but I just think one day when they have their books from me, I want them to be able to open them up and see NOTHING but a book about them, and how much I cared about every little thing THEY did. I know siblings are so so important, and that's why I journal about their relationship with them, but their pics just aren't all over their books. I am rambling, I know....I'm still having an internal battle about this whole decision...if you couldn't tell! Ha ha...I scrap layouts of them together in the family books all the time, so it's all good though! :)
These two pages are 18 to 24 months. So right now there's a folder on my computer marked Boston, and a subfolder marked 2 to 3 years old. And in it are pics from over the last year that I've thought would be good for his book. When he turns 3 in November, I'll go arrange them on a page in Photoshop, and then print it off, pull out my little journal with all the notes I've made about him over the last year, and put together his 2 to 3 page. 

That was a lot of talking. I apologize. I literally could talk your ear off about scrapbooking. I mean, who thinks so much about this stuff? Me, I do. I'm a huge nerd. Anyways, hopefully someone enjoyed it! Now I'm off to party like it's 2001 and probably change my outfit 10,000 times before I do! Ha ha...