Wednesday, July 27

Splashy Splashers

Oh blogging, why do you have to take so long? It's so much work to get pictures uploaded and crap!! But overall, blogging is fun, so I do it, but it makes me mad! I have a feeling I'm not alone.
I thought I'd share some KOA pics. I don't share many family pics on the blog since it's not really a family blog, but I still like sharing things now and then when I feel like it! It's great, because then I never feel "behind" in blogging, since I'm not keeping up with our life or anything...not that I still don't feel behind in other things though. :)
Oh Baker...I want to nibble on your face it's so freaking cute!
This may sort of feel like the Boston show...because it sort of is. Our life is sort of the Boston show right now!
He's just such a funny kid! Here he is sniffing his blanket to calm himself down. I love his attachment to sniffing his blanket! I put him in a timeout the other day on the stairs and he kept crying, "My baby, mommy! My baby!" He calls his blanket his baby for some reason...and I love it. 
Boss attempting a cute wave but instead covered his cute face.
Got this $15 sleeping bag from Target. Van was so excited it was really cute. He slept on the bunk bed in our camper for the first time this trip, with Boston and Baker on the (table) bed below him. Derick built this little rail so he wouldn't fall out like MY parents let happen to me when I was 18 months old. I BROKE MY COLLAR BONE! 
Chillin' by the fire while the mosquitos feasted on my shins. 31 bites across both shins. I scratched them until they bled, then scabbed, then I picked the scab, then it bled, and rescabbed, and I've since picked that scab.
In love with Boston's face.
Love Boston's muscles....this tunnel is part of the pool/splash park's seriously the perfect place for kids!!
So what if I'm wearing my sports bra under my swimsuit so nothing falls out? It was one of the most comfortable days I've ever had swimming! Lol.
The pool has beach entry, so it was perfect for Baker to just crawl and splash around in.
And then retire to his stroller and just be cute whenever he needed a break from being cute in the water.
Boston's classic pain smile...I'll be sad when he quits. Baker taking his classic stroller nap...also will be sad when that stops! 
The highlight of the whole trip was the entrance of Boston's water wings and snorkel mask that he couldn't get enough with. Just TRY and take either of those two things away from him while he was swimming...I dare you!
He cracks himself up I guess.
This was the biggest of the four slides total...even Boss could go down by himself and catch himself at the bottom. Took him a few tries to get the courage up. Once he did, he was so proud of himself. LOVE seeing kids proud of themselves.
Favourite picture of the trip right there on the left. Oh, and Boston's old-man hair on the right is pretty wicked too.
We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up the candy staples (almond joys, vanilla root beer for us, and Andes mints for Jolene), and the kids rode their bikes in the parking lot. Van finally learned to ride his bike, and now we take it everywhere....even if that means stuffing it in the trunk for Grandma's house!
But the BEST part of the whole trip was when me and Derick were able to get couples body shampoos at this sweet massage place. Seriously, worth the trip alone just for that!!

TSAAAAAAA!!! Really? Did ANYONE think we seriously did that? Ha ha ha...can you believe this place though?? How has someone not shut them down yet??? I mean, a 24-hour place called Tokyo Massage is shifty enough looking, but when they are advertising BODY shampoos? Hilarious. We joked about it the whole trip. And then I took a picture of it whilst driving past it...I felt like a major private investigator. Lol! 


  1. soph and I just drooled over how cute these photos are! we loved every single one. did the massage place have a 2-4-1 deal on body shampoo's? cause we are seriously considering it! lol

  2. haha gooooooood one! Seriously I wish you did WAY more personal posts! SO FLIPPEN CUTE! I can't wait to enjoy the boston show in less then 48 hours!!!

  3. I seriously love your blog humor it makes me laugh every time and could your boys be any cuter! What a fun getaway!!

  4. oh man so cute!! the boston show is very entertaining!! i agree with Leah. your family posts are my favorite!! i LOVE seeing my cutest nephews!!

  5. I'm so glad you were joking!! HA! That place looks SCARY!! That pool is so awesome though.


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