Thursday, July 21

The KOA is A-Okay

This is what I am doing RIGHT NOW! Lol. Heaven, right? We've been camping at the KOA the past few days in Great's one of my favourite places ever. I know, I'm easy to please! :) All I need is Target, some antiquing, and some water, and my vacation is complete. I was also lucky enough to have Leah join us (and Jolene and her kids) for a day or so, and we had an impromptu photo shoot with a floppy hat, her retro shades, and a new $6 swimsuit. Awesome, eh? I'm excited to share them!! Now go outside and enjoy the sun!!!


  1. i wish we could have look so pretty in this pic, and baker always steals my heart!

  2. AWW this is adorable! sad we couldn't come too. it is the funnest place ever!

  3. Cute pic! Love the hat and Baker is to die for.


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