Sunday, July 24

I Heart Antiquing

I've been wanting to start a Q&A series for awhile, so I thought I'd start it off answering one of the questions I get asked most, (I even got an email from a friend asking this same thing while in the midst of writing this post...ha ha)which is, What are my favourite antique stores? It's such a hard question to answer, since as I've mentioned before, there's only really ONE store that I love and can't NOT visit, which is Station 8 in Columbia Falls. I've been to a ton though, and I'm going to try my best and list the ones that I would recommend!

I actually feel like there is no secret whatsoever to antiquing. It's totally hit or miss. I don't know how many times I've gone through an entire store, only to find ONE thing that I like. Which is fine, that's just how it goes! It's better than nothing, right? But then when people see all of those one things together in my house, they think they all came from wonderful jackpot antique stores, and it's so not the case! 

And everything I've accumulated has also been gathered slowly, like in the last four years at least. Every time I'm somewhere on vacation, I try and hit two or three stores. What's funny, is I haven't been to a single antique store in Lethbridge!! It just feels like something I should only do on holiday...weird, but whatever! I've been meaning to check out the ones in Lethbridge at some point...

Even as I was googling addresses and names of the stores I've been to, a whole bunch more popped up that I hadn't ever seen or heard of. I usually write down the addresses of as many as I can before I am going somewhere, and I hit a couple of them like I mentioned. I'm going to have to make a new list for next time! I'm going to list only ones in Montana, since that's where I antique the most. 


Southside Consignment
2699 US Highway 93   Kalispell

This is actually a used furniture store. It's a pretty good one though! I've never bought anything here, but it's reasonably priced and has a good variety of furniture.

Redneck Chic
 3167 U.S. Highway 93

This is a pretty big one too. The big ones are usually my favourite...way better chance of something being there! I got a big sort of headlight-looking light here that looks like it used to be on a boat or something. It's really cool...but I still haven't found the perfect place for it in my house yet! I also got some old milk bottle caps that I've been meaning to frame in rows for the guest room.

Columbia Falls

Back in Time
605 Nucleus Avenue

This is sort of a '70s-style antique place. I got two metal locker bins here that I was pretty excited about. The ones that are on my living room shelf.

Pony Circus Antiques
527 Nucleus Avenue

I've never actually been in this one! Lol! It's only by appt., and we've never gone there during a time I could call and set one up. I've creeped in the windows though, and it looks like it's worth a visit for sure.

Station 8
38 Highway 2 East

My love for Station 8 has been stated many times before! I've gotten a few gems here. My bowling pin, and old wooden boat propeller for Van's room, a big tall metal tin bucket for all of the kids tall toys that's in the basement, a white metal high chair with a 3 on it, (the one by my garage door), and a few other things...I can't remember! Oh, an ornate frame that's in Baker's room. And some red kids' skis in Van's room. And an old camera and tape measure.

Iron Horse Art Gallery
205 2nd Avenue East

I didn't think I was going to like a single thing in this store, and it's where I ended up finding my cream/white china that's on my shelf in my dining nook! For 50% off too! I also got a 100 year-old light bulb. It's weird, but I love it. It's in the basement...and I left an old rubber stamp holder there that I KNEW I should have bought. The one that got away! :) Would have been perfect to stuff scrapbooking supplies in.

Fourth Street Furniture28 4th Street W 406.892.2501
Another used furniture place...had some cute things for sure. Good variety, cheap prices! I ALMOST bought an old drop leaf table there...but I just don't have the space for anything large like that anymore. 


Cowboy Cabin
845 Wisconsin Avenue

This one is pretty focused on just western stuff, but the owner is originally from California, and he and his wife are downright delightful!! Seriously love them...and will visit them again just because they were so darn friendly. I got three vintage banners for Baker's room here, and some super cool "lobby cards" that were original smaller movie posters from a movie theatre in California...they are of westerns, and I picked three that were perfect for a little boys' room. I was so excited about'll see pics of everything else when I share Baker's and Van's room! Here's one pic of one of the lobby cards.

Great Falls
The Barn Vintage Treasures
816 15th Street North

I LOVE this place! I only liked it until this last trip, but after finding the sweetest laundry cart EVER there, I'm in love with it! (Pictured below) And it has a Taco John's right next to it pretty much, so  DUH, it's worth a stop every single time!! I also got my little red stool/chair there in the past that's in my living room, a cool orange chair on wheels (I used it in Jessie's first photoshoot), an old chair that sits by my backdoor, and Jennie got the CUTEST little red chair there ever. It's perfection as far as little chairs go! 

Montana West Antique Mall
323 10th Ave S

This place has only been on 10th ave for about two months, so it was my first time there. It was pretty big, which was good, and right on 10th ave, so it was handy. This is where I found Van's Boot Saver (below). I was so excited it said Van on it!!! They were asking $38, I offered them $25, they came back with $28 and I said sold! Then I told him I had a son named Van and that I would have paid $50 for it!! Lol...he gave me a big belly laugh back. :) Isn't it the best ever?? Not sure what I'll hang on it yet, but obviously SOMETHING! I also got one of those metal piggy bank globes there for $15. It's a pretty big one. And I got a sugar sack that says U and Me Sugar on it. Not sure what I'll do with that either yet...prob frame it or something. I thought the phrase on it was super cute .

There's quite a few little stores downtown Great Falls that I've been to. And  a couple more places in Great Falls I haven't quite made it to yet, but seriously, The Barn and Station 8 are the only ones that I don't EVER not go to. Antiquing is just so hit and miss. You might find your most favourite thing in all the land in the most randomest sick ugly store ever...and it takes a lot of effort too!! You have to be dedicated to always taking the time to find the store, and pop in and give it a quick once over. It's not always fun. Usually the kids are screaming...and using 100-year-old stuff as weapons, but hey, it's all worth it to me!!


  1. seriously. you always find the best stuff everrr! Love the hamper. LOVE it!

  2. oh- so fun! that hamper is to die for! great find. this makes me excited for my trip to station8.

  3. oh so cute! that boot holder is awesome!!


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