Friday, July 29

I Have A Secret!

How's everyone's long weekend!! Here's hoping mine is going well! I did this blog post Thursday night before we took off to BC for the weekend with the Lacey fam. (My family). Cross your fingers Baker and Boston are sleeping through the night in the camper as well as they did in Great Falls!! We are bringing a tent and ear plugs as an escape route. Hee hee...'s the last of the grad shoots. I had a bit more time with Ellicia, so we did the same spots, and then a few different ones too. 
Her long cute curly hair made me jealous. Our convo went something like this:
Me: Did you do your hair yourself? It's so cute!
Her: NO, I had someone do it for me. I would never try and do it myself! (Laughs)
Me: Ya, I did my hair myself for grad. (Cue awkward silence).
Ha ha...just kidding, no awkwardness...but unfortunately I wish I was kidding about doing my own hair for grad. It was a straggly stringy mess before I even got to the banquet. What can ya' do with a mom who thinks mushroom cuts were cool in the '90s? (Yes, I blame my mom. Ha ha)
I loved all my grad shoots this year. All fun girls who are pros at looking natural!
And with that, I thought I'd share a little secret! I've had a fourth child for the month of July, and her name is Skye. Ba ha ha...yes, I'm currently in the midst of re-designing Skye's blog!!! EEK!! FA REALS PEOPLE! It's been super fun to do more design work, I love that stuff! And Skye's pretty much the best client ever to have...anyone who knows her knows that! So thumbs up all around. It should be ready to reveal in a couple of weeks! (At which point I will sadly go back to just having all boys for children). 


  1. Ha your a dweeb! Your projects usually are your babies you love them so much! Can't WAIT to see the final project!! Here's to hoping you all saved me some breakfast :o)

  2. Ps she's a smoke show! These pics are AWESOME! seriously loooove her dress!


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