Friday, July 22

Class of 2011

I started out this photoshoot with the question, "are any of you guys in love?" Lol! I wanted to know for posing sakes...if any of them were dating or not! I can't lie, I was a bit relieved when they laughed and said no! Then I could focus on the girls more, and it just keeps everything easier! I am so glad I went to grad with one of my best friends!! (And so glad that we are still friends and that his wife is even awesomer than he is! Lol!)

Aren't these couple shots cute? Takes me back to the excitement and awkwardness of it all! Lol! I'm loving Jessie's dates' arm around her complete with the closed fist. Ha ha...I'm totally just teasing you guys...I just think you're cute. :) After I did this shoot, Derick was checking out the pictures and said Brett was one of his volleyball kids from his student teaching days at LCI. (Brett, if you read this, Derick's mad you didn't tell him hi when you guys were sitting in the driveway! Lol.) 
The girls picked the location, I had never shot here before, so I was pretty excited to have these fun old cars to work with!
Jessie has nailed the serious but smoky I right? 
To be fair, Derick took HIS girlfriend to grad, which was me! Lol! So I can't knock couples who go to grad together! Ha turned out great for us! :)
Don't you just love the back of Elizabeth's dress? I love these mirror ones...they were fun to take. I wish I'd had more time with these two gorgeous girls, but they were off to have a good time!! Thanks again guys!! 
We're home from Great Falls now, back at work for a few days, then it's off to Calgary, back home for a few days, then off to Wasa Lake in BC with my family...that's what summer is all about, right? I'm off to catch up on our family's photo organization. I told myself that I couldn't blog unless that stuff was always caught up! :)

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  1. ok LOVVVVVE the mirror shots! and their dresses! and the walking shot! Seriously cute cute CUTE! oh and when are you coming to calgary?!


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