Friday, July 29

How's everyone's long weekend!! Here's hoping mine is going well! I did this blog post Thursday night before we took off to BC for the weekend with the Lacey fam. (My family). Cross your fingers Baker and Boston are sleeping through the night in the camper as well as they did in Great Falls!! We are bringing a tent and ear plugs as an escape route. Hee hee...'s the last of the grad shoots. I had a bit more time with Ellicia, so we did the same spots, and then a few different ones too. 
Her long cute curly hair made me jealous. Our convo went something like this:
Me: Did you do your hair yourself? It's so cute!
Her: NO, I had someone do it for me. I would never try and do it myself! (Laughs)
Me: Ya, I did my hair myself for grad. (Cue awkward silence).
Ha ha...just kidding, no awkwardness...but unfortunately I wish I was kidding about doing my own hair for grad. It was a straggly stringy mess before I even got to the banquet. What can ya' do with a mom who thinks mushroom cuts were cool in the '90s? (Yes, I blame my mom. Ha ha)
I loved all my grad shoots this year. All fun girls who are pros at looking natural!
And with that, I thought I'd share a little secret! I've had a fourth child for the month of July, and her name is Skye. Ba ha ha...yes, I'm currently in the midst of re-designing Skye's blog!!! EEK!! FA REALS PEOPLE! It's been super fun to do more design work, I love that stuff! And Skye's pretty much the best client ever to have...anyone who knows her knows that! So thumbs up all around. It should be ready to reveal in a couple of weeks! (At which point I will sadly go back to just having all boys for children). 

Wednesday, July 27

Oh blogging, why do you have to take so long? It's so much work to get pictures uploaded and crap!! But overall, blogging is fun, so I do it, but it makes me mad! I have a feeling I'm not alone.
I thought I'd share some KOA pics. I don't share many family pics on the blog since it's not really a family blog, but I still like sharing things now and then when I feel like it! It's great, because then I never feel "behind" in blogging, since I'm not keeping up with our life or anything...not that I still don't feel behind in other things though. :)
Oh Baker...I want to nibble on your face it's so freaking cute!
This may sort of feel like the Boston show...because it sort of is. Our life is sort of the Boston show right now!
He's just such a funny kid! Here he is sniffing his blanket to calm himself down. I love his attachment to sniffing his blanket! I put him in a timeout the other day on the stairs and he kept crying, "My baby, mommy! My baby!" He calls his blanket his baby for some reason...and I love it. 
Boss attempting a cute wave but instead covered his cute face.
Got this $15 sleeping bag from Target. Van was so excited it was really cute. He slept on the bunk bed in our camper for the first time this trip, with Boston and Baker on the (table) bed below him. Derick built this little rail so he wouldn't fall out like MY parents let happen to me when I was 18 months old. I BROKE MY COLLAR BONE! 
Chillin' by the fire while the mosquitos feasted on my shins. 31 bites across both shins. I scratched them until they bled, then scabbed, then I picked the scab, then it bled, and rescabbed, and I've since picked that scab.
In love with Boston's face.
Love Boston's muscles....this tunnel is part of the pool/splash park's seriously the perfect place for kids!!
So what if I'm wearing my sports bra under my swimsuit so nothing falls out? It was one of the most comfortable days I've ever had swimming! Lol.
The pool has beach entry, so it was perfect for Baker to just crawl and splash around in.
And then retire to his stroller and just be cute whenever he needed a break from being cute in the water.
Boston's classic pain smile...I'll be sad when he quits. Baker taking his classic stroller nap...also will be sad when that stops! 
The highlight of the whole trip was the entrance of Boston's water wings and snorkel mask that he couldn't get enough with. Just TRY and take either of those two things away from him while he was swimming...I dare you!
He cracks himself up I guess.
This was the biggest of the four slides total...even Boss could go down by himself and catch himself at the bottom. Took him a few tries to get the courage up. Once he did, he was so proud of himself. LOVE seeing kids proud of themselves.
Favourite picture of the trip right there on the left. Oh, and Boston's old-man hair on the right is pretty wicked too.
We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up the candy staples (almond joys, vanilla root beer for us, and Andes mints for Jolene), and the kids rode their bikes in the parking lot. Van finally learned to ride his bike, and now we take it everywhere....even if that means stuffing it in the trunk for Grandma's house!
But the BEST part of the whole trip was when me and Derick were able to get couples body shampoos at this sweet massage place. Seriously, worth the trip alone just for that!!

TSAAAAAAA!!! Really? Did ANYONE think we seriously did that? Ha ha ha...can you believe this place though?? How has someone not shut them down yet??? I mean, a 24-hour place called Tokyo Massage is shifty enough looking, but when they are advertising BODY shampoos? Hilarious. We joked about it the whole trip. And then I took a picture of it whilst driving past it...I felt like a major private investigator. Lol! 

Sunday, July 24

I've been wanting to start a Q&A series for awhile, so I thought I'd start it off answering one of the questions I get asked most, (I even got an email from a friend asking this same thing while in the midst of writing this post...ha ha)which is, What are my favourite antique stores? It's such a hard question to answer, since as I've mentioned before, there's only really ONE store that I love and can't NOT visit, which is Station 8 in Columbia Falls. I've been to a ton though, and I'm going to try my best and list the ones that I would recommend!

I actually feel like there is no secret whatsoever to antiquing. It's totally hit or miss. I don't know how many times I've gone through an entire store, only to find ONE thing that I like. Which is fine, that's just how it goes! It's better than nothing, right? But then when people see all of those one things together in my house, they think they all came from wonderful jackpot antique stores, and it's so not the case! 

And everything I've accumulated has also been gathered slowly, like in the last four years at least. Every time I'm somewhere on vacation, I try and hit two or three stores. What's funny, is I haven't been to a single antique store in Lethbridge!! It just feels like something I should only do on holiday...weird, but whatever! I've been meaning to check out the ones in Lethbridge at some point...

Even as I was googling addresses and names of the stores I've been to, a whole bunch more popped up that I hadn't ever seen or heard of. I usually write down the addresses of as many as I can before I am going somewhere, and I hit a couple of them like I mentioned. I'm going to have to make a new list for next time! I'm going to list only ones in Montana, since that's where I antique the most. 


Southside Consignment
2699 US Highway 93   Kalispell

This is actually a used furniture store. It's a pretty good one though! I've never bought anything here, but it's reasonably priced and has a good variety of furniture.

Redneck Chic
 3167 U.S. Highway 93

This is a pretty big one too. The big ones are usually my favourite...way better chance of something being there! I got a big sort of headlight-looking light here that looks like it used to be on a boat or something. It's really cool...but I still haven't found the perfect place for it in my house yet! I also got some old milk bottle caps that I've been meaning to frame in rows for the guest room.

Columbia Falls

Back in Time
605 Nucleus Avenue

This is sort of a '70s-style antique place. I got two metal locker bins here that I was pretty excited about. The ones that are on my living room shelf.

Pony Circus Antiques
527 Nucleus Avenue

I've never actually been in this one! Lol! It's only by appt., and we've never gone there during a time I could call and set one up. I've creeped in the windows though, and it looks like it's worth a visit for sure.

Station 8
38 Highway 2 East

My love for Station 8 has been stated many times before! I've gotten a few gems here. My bowling pin, and old wooden boat propeller for Van's room, a big tall metal tin bucket for all of the kids tall toys that's in the basement, a white metal high chair with a 3 on it, (the one by my garage door), and a few other things...I can't remember! Oh, an ornate frame that's in Baker's room. And some red kids' skis in Van's room. And an old camera and tape measure.

Iron Horse Art Gallery
205 2nd Avenue East

I didn't think I was going to like a single thing in this store, and it's where I ended up finding my cream/white china that's on my shelf in my dining nook! For 50% off too! I also got a 100 year-old light bulb. It's weird, but I love it. It's in the basement...and I left an old rubber stamp holder there that I KNEW I should have bought. The one that got away! :) Would have been perfect to stuff scrapbooking supplies in.

Fourth Street Furniture28 4th Street W 406.892.2501
Another used furniture place...had some cute things for sure. Good variety, cheap prices! I ALMOST bought an old drop leaf table there...but I just don't have the space for anything large like that anymore. 


Cowboy Cabin
845 Wisconsin Avenue

This one is pretty focused on just western stuff, but the owner is originally from California, and he and his wife are downright delightful!! Seriously love them...and will visit them again just because they were so darn friendly. I got three vintage banners for Baker's room here, and some super cool "lobby cards" that were original smaller movie posters from a movie theatre in California...they are of westerns, and I picked three that were perfect for a little boys' room. I was so excited about'll see pics of everything else when I share Baker's and Van's room! Here's one pic of one of the lobby cards.

Great Falls
The Barn Vintage Treasures
816 15th Street North

I LOVE this place! I only liked it until this last trip, but after finding the sweetest laundry cart EVER there, I'm in love with it! (Pictured below) And it has a Taco John's right next to it pretty much, so  DUH, it's worth a stop every single time!! I also got my little red stool/chair there in the past that's in my living room, a cool orange chair on wheels (I used it in Jessie's first photoshoot), an old chair that sits by my backdoor, and Jennie got the CUTEST little red chair there ever. It's perfection as far as little chairs go! 

Montana West Antique Mall
323 10th Ave S

This place has only been on 10th ave for about two months, so it was my first time there. It was pretty big, which was good, and right on 10th ave, so it was handy. This is where I found Van's Boot Saver (below). I was so excited it said Van on it!!! They were asking $38, I offered them $25, they came back with $28 and I said sold! Then I told him I had a son named Van and that I would have paid $50 for it!! Lol...he gave me a big belly laugh back. :) Isn't it the best ever?? Not sure what I'll hang on it yet, but obviously SOMETHING! I also got one of those metal piggy bank globes there for $15. It's a pretty big one. And I got a sugar sack that says U and Me Sugar on it. Not sure what I'll do with that either yet...prob frame it or something. I thought the phrase on it was super cute .

There's quite a few little stores downtown Great Falls that I've been to. And  a couple more places in Great Falls I haven't quite made it to yet, but seriously, The Barn and Station 8 are the only ones that I don't EVER not go to. Antiquing is just so hit and miss. You might find your most favourite thing in all the land in the most randomest sick ugly store ever...and it takes a lot of effort too!! You have to be dedicated to always taking the time to find the store, and pop in and give it a quick once over. It's not always fun. Usually the kids are screaming...and using 100-year-old stuff as weapons, but hey, it's all worth it to me!!

Friday, July 22

I started out this photoshoot with the question, "are any of you guys in love?" Lol! I wanted to know for posing sakes...if any of them were dating or not! I can't lie, I was a bit relieved when they laughed and said no! Then I could focus on the girls more, and it just keeps everything easier! I am so glad I went to grad with one of my best friends!! (And so glad that we are still friends and that his wife is even awesomer than he is! Lol!)

Aren't these couple shots cute? Takes me back to the excitement and awkwardness of it all! Lol! I'm loving Jessie's dates' arm around her complete with the closed fist. Ha ha...I'm totally just teasing you guys...I just think you're cute. :) After I did this shoot, Derick was checking out the pictures and said Brett was one of his volleyball kids from his student teaching days at LCI. (Brett, if you read this, Derick's mad you didn't tell him hi when you guys were sitting in the driveway! Lol.) 
The girls picked the location, I had never shot here before, so I was pretty excited to have these fun old cars to work with!
Jessie has nailed the serious but smoky I right? 
To be fair, Derick took HIS girlfriend to grad, which was me! Lol! So I can't knock couples who go to grad together! Ha turned out great for us! :)
Don't you just love the back of Elizabeth's dress? I love these mirror ones...they were fun to take. I wish I'd had more time with these two gorgeous girls, but they were off to have a good time!! Thanks again guys!! 
We're home from Great Falls now, back at work for a few days, then it's off to Calgary, back home for a few days, then off to Wasa Lake in BC with my family...that's what summer is all about, right? I'm off to catch up on our family's photo organization. I told myself that I couldn't blog unless that stuff was always caught up! :)

Thursday, July 21

This is what I am doing RIGHT NOW! Lol. Heaven, right? We've been camping at the KOA the past few days in Great's one of my favourite places ever. I know, I'm easy to please! :) All I need is Target, some antiquing, and some water, and my vacation is complete. I was also lucky enough to have Leah join us (and Jolene and her kids) for a day or so, and we had an impromptu photo shoot with a floppy hat, her retro shades, and a new $6 swimsuit. Awesome, eh? I'm excited to share them!! Now go outside and enjoy the sun!!!

Saturday, July 16

Okay, so these pictures aren't terribly exciting...I mean, it's a bathroom and a mini little hallway! But they sure excite me! :) It's funny how even small spaces like these can totally stress me out. Funny or just of the two. 
This is our main floor bathroom. We added mdf to the wall and painted it all about two years ago. We had to add a tiny long piece of mdf on top of the existing floor trim so that the planks didn't hang over the trim. It turned out good I thought! 
Ladder from Urban Barn. It's great because we are bathroom magazine junkies in this house! Love those pictures of the boys in their hats and suspenders...will be some of my favourite for forever!! Little white stool from Target. Little glass jars were only $3 each at Ross or the other one....what's it called? 
Derick built me that little blue table out of mdf. I mixed up some leftover paint I had, painted it, sanded it in places, then rubbed a stain/poly mix on it. Handle from an antique store in Great Falls. Bulletin board from Costco! I am not in love with that wire basket there, but it's funcitional! The matchboxes are all collected from antique stores, and one was my Grandpa Bennett's. My fav of course! Got the idea to put them on the wall from Ali Edwards' blog. I should have taken a wider shot of how they look in the time when I take the rest of the back entrance pics! 
Got the 3 stool from Station 8 and the rug from Pier 1. The pic on the left is nothing special, just a coat closet. But I wanted to show how we just hung hooks in the whole thing and put a little bench in it. It's one of the best things I've done in this whole house! We actually hang coats up in it now, and I sit on that bench all the time! The kids can reach the lower hooks too...we have a bank of hooks by the back door too. You can never have too many hooks for coats! And I especially love that these are hidden!

I hope your weekend's going well! I'm a little sunburnt, but that's a good thing in my books! I'm getting excited to make a trip to Great Falls soon...can't wait for my Target/antiquing fix! I'm going to do a post soon about some of my favourite places to antique. I get asked that question a lot, so might as well share it with all, right? 

Monday, July 11


I haven't been this excited for quite a while!! Since I just took on a new design client, I wanted to hurry up and finish Leah's blog so I could focus on one thing at a time! I ended up giving it a "light" makeover. Still a ton of time, but not weeks! :) I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself!! She loves bridges, so I made her a bridge! Now that I've done this sort of blog redesign, I am going to do my best to come up with a price! I'll update things in my design tab as soon as I can nail down a figure! :) Anyway, isn't it SO STINKING CUTE!!! I can't wait to redo mine again! Ha ha. Make sure you click through to her blog so you can enjoy the full effect! I'm excited for Leah to finally have a professional-looking blog to showcase her super awesome professional photography! :)

Friday, July 8

My internet is baaaack!! I tell you, the forces have been against me blogging this week! I finally have both my computer and internet working again...gave Lappy a good cleaning out and got a new modem from Telus. I am trying to delay having to buy a new computer as long as possible...but I think the time is closer than I think. :( Is it weird that I'm paranoid and now I think Lappy is for sure going to revolt against me because I mentioned replacing it on the world wide web? Yes?

Okay, so the below pictures are borderline terrrrrrible! Lol! One day I'll figure out a better set-up for photographing my scrapbooking, but I wasn't about to take every single page out of its page protector...I took these pictures with all three kids in the same room building a fort out of our couch cushions! :)

So, I sort of get reeeeally excited when I talk about my scrapbooking. I can't help it, I've come up with a system for our family that I love, so I will talk to ANYONE who will listen about it! Lol! I'll do my BEST to keep it brief. Here's Van's baby book. I've got the basic breakdown of how I do their books written above/below the pictures, I'll expand a little bit where I see fit! I'll do another post in a few weeks listing all my favourite resources for all-things scrapbooking!

Each kid has a different-colored book. When one fills up, I'll buy the same-colored book. Our family photo storage is in the same books, but brown. Hopefully I have a girl soon or else there's prob gonna' be a little boy in our family at some point with a pink book! Lol! (Kidding...that would just be mean!)


Page 1: This is where I put their "photoshoot" pictures, with their name, and birth info.
Page 2: I took some ideas for info to include from another (cheesier) baby book. This        page includes everything we did to prepare for the baby.
Page 3: Ultrasound pictures. (Isn't that 3D one of Van so creepy? Lol!) And all of my maternity info/symptoms. And please excuse the equally-creepy bare belly shot of me too!

Pages 2 and 3 are always scrapbooked when I'm about 39 weeks along. That way, I don't feel so far behind when the baby gets here! I just use gender-neutral colors. 


Page 3: The progression of my fatness. This page is also done before baby comes.
Page 4: All the lovely details of the hospital and actual birth.
After these page are done, I start doing one page per month for the first year of the baby. Some months get combined, but it's pretty much one page per month until 12 months old.


In between the monthly pages, I always slip in a page about their blessing day, and a page with their first footprints, handprints, and haircut on it.


Page 11 just makes me laugh. That's an actually overhead that I printed words onto, and then placed over top of that pictures of Van. (It's supposed to look like a magazine cover...duh.) This was before the days of photoshop of course! Remember, I started Van's book nearly five years ago! I realize a ton of these pages aren't even cute enough to worth sharing...seriously...if only I could redo everything I didn't like later! :) I'm just sharing my process more than anything. Baker's book is much cuter! :)


Between 12 months and 2 years old, I do two 2-page spreads. The first spread covers 12 to 18 months old, the second spread is 18 months to 2 years old. I slow it down because babies aren't changing as much at that age, and it's more practical. I keep a notebook where I am constantly jotting down things about the kids so when it comes time to update their books, I don't have to think about what to journal about.


Then when they hit age 2, I do a two-age spread for every year. I still include a lot of bits of info about each kid in the main family's photobooks, but their most memorable things go in their own books. A two-page spread is sooo doable, I can even keep up with it when there's new babies around whose books demand more of my time. I also forgot to mention I slip a lot of important papers in between their pages. Like their baby blessing certificate, cute pictures from church, that sort of thing.


Page 22 is missing some pictures of Van in front of his cake at the bottom...I keep forgetting to put them in! I have files on my computer marked for each kid, and every time I load pictures onto my computer, I pick out which ones I'd like in their books, and move them over to the respective folder. So when it's time do a page in their books, I don't spend forever picking their pictures.

It's funny, every now and then I panic thinking, am I scrapbooking enough?? Is a two-page spread enough for one year? But then I think, my mom did NOTHING! Lol! And I somehow survived. In an ideal world, I'd write down every cute little thing they do, and fill books and books, but that's not going to happen, and isn't realistic, and would leave me feeling defeated, because I would never be caught up!! This system is so easy to manage, I actually enjoy doing it because I'm always so on top of it!! Anyway, I hope someone enjoyed it! Boston's and Baker's books are still yet to come, and I'll talk a little bit more about how I decide what to include/not include in their books. (This problem literally USED to keep me up at night!)

Now it's off to street wheeler's weekend for some fast and loud cars hopefully...I might as well get used to all-things-boys in this house, eh?