Tuesday, June 21

Want My Blog?

Okay, well not my WHOLE blog, ha ha...BUT, you can have my header and my background if you want! I'm forever changing things...if you haven't picked up on that. And unfortunately my blog is no exception...but I guess that's fortunate for my readers, because I figure, SOMEONE should have my old stuff, right? :) SO I thought it would be fun to GIVE IT AWAY! If you're interested, just leave a comment, and I'll pick a WINNER (FYI, just typing these words is making me laugh...me, a giveaway? That's funny to me.) Anyways, I'll adjust the header so it's personal to you, I'll even leave some space for you to insert pictures yourself if you want, and keep your name and the bird at the bottom somewhere. The files will be .jpegs, and also, I am on the new blogger. I know nothing about the old blogger....so if you're not sure how to replace your header/background and you're on the old blogger, sorry, I'm not a lot of help! I'm sure you could figure it out with google though!!! If you're on the new blogger, it's easy..and I'll help you if you need it!

I'll "close" things on Saturday, so four days! That way I have a deadline for myself to get the NEW blog ready! I've been busy busy, and it's taken a LOT of time, but it's been SO SO fun, and I'm realizing that I LOVE figuring out html code and web design!! Perfect, right? I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head. OH WELL! Lol!

P.S. I'm completely prepared to have NO ONE enter the giveaway! Ha ha. My feelings won't be hurt if no one wants it...trust me, I'm okay with having different styles! :) And also, in the future (like 6 months or so) I'll make the header/background available for anyone. The header will just be blank is all...still fun though, right?


  1. ohhhh pick me pick meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  2. oh i just love your header its so cute! but what i REALLY want is a cute font want to teach me your ways?

  3. I WANT IT. Does it have a home yet?


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