Thursday, June 16

Living Room No. 2

Okay, here's the whole picture! Our living room area is the AWKWARDEST space ever. Long and skinny...with three tiny hexagonal-ish walls to the left of the fireplace, and then a big long wall to the right with a window smack in the middle of it. The couches have been a few different ways, and this arrangements seems to make the most sense for us in this non-sensical room of ours.
These are the second pair of curtains hung here. Plain Jane from Ikea. I sewed and sold the first set in a matter of months and settled on these until I found a set I just HAD to have. There's a few sets at Urban I'm trying to decide how much I love right now! A third set has all ready sold out...I hope they restock, because it's the one I love the most! I apologize to anyone who wasn't addicted to Urban Outfitters probably will be by the time you're done clicking my links! :) Oh, and the blanket over the couch...yup, UO. On sale for $50. You can't SEW them for $50!!! Yellow/white striped cushion is Superstore, green neck pillow is Ikea. I usually have more pillows in there...but Van puked on them, and they were in the wash at the time of this picture! :)
I got the idea to squish nine frames together from Ali Edward's daughter's room,  except I wanted to use square frames so the whole thing would be a big square. I didn't rush at all and bought the first square frames I happened across which were in Superstore. There's for sure cuter square frames out there, but regardless, this is one of my favourite things in my house!! And I know, I have yet to get a picture of Baker in there...I printed one, and then accidentally scrapbooked it. Ha ha.. 
The little red stool/chair is from an antique store in Great Falls. I hardly name names since I hardly remember names! And it's not like I have one store (besides Station 8) that holds all the antique goodies I've ever gotten, I find gems everywhere...and a lot of crap too! Antiquing is so hit or thrifting.
The picture of Christ is a Simon Dewey print. I love it. Not so much the frame...will prob change that along the way somewhere. Pillow below is UO. Yellow chair was from the old Raymond Elementary School. (My mother-in-law is a librarian there and had them at her house and wanted to get rid of them...I was giddy about it. ) The reading lamp is from Home Sense. And it's crooked, and it makes me mad. 
Lamp and end table below are Ikea. Knob is Anthro. Was on sale for $2.95. Basket from Michael's...I've hired it to hold all of our puzzles. 
I HATED my mantle for the first three years we lived here. Finally by then though I had accumulated enough things that I liked when put together. I know it's weird now, but I love it...finally!


  1. I love your house! I want to hire you to decorate mine. I cant wait till you blog the rest of it.

  2. Just so you know I read every.single.word of this post :o) SO cute and love that quilt! Ps you guys are just soooo funny!

  3. Thanks Kristi!! I'm glad SOMEONE is enjoying the pictures! Lol!

    And Leah, yes, we are SO funny. You're jealous. :) "No, I called you!" Ha haha ha hah a ha.

  4. These UO links are dangerous for me Pam...DANGEROUS. Cute deer horns!

  5. super cute! I can't believe you got that quilt for $50! so jealous!


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