Thursday, June 30

Egg Head

So I thought I'd get a post up before the loooong weekend! These pictures don't do this little project justice! This is one of my very favourite parts of my house...probably because it's a decoration that involves my kids, kind of a win/win in my books! 
It was a pretty simple craft. I just took side profile pics of the boys' heads, enlarged them to the size I needed them at in photoshop, then held them against black cardstock and cut them out. I had to add the hair and eyelashes myself where I saw fit. I also had to doctor Boston's head! Lol! Seriously, what an egg head, eh? I just put their profiles on scrapbook paper, in Ikea frames. I was pregnant with Baker when I made them, so left the third empty. I'll probably do his (and update Boston's) in a few months. Though, I LOVE how you can even see Boston's little double chin in his profile!!
Well, time to get ready for a few fun days! Our July 1st will be a bit toned down this year. Derick fractured his wrist in a little run-in he had with his dirt bike. Meaning, he can't even hardly pick up the baby now! Sweet, right? Not sure who's bummed more...him because he can't wakeboard, dirt bike, work out with his bro, or play softball, or me because now there's no way we'll get done our summer to-do list on the house!! Ha ha...I know, I'm selfish!! Really, I feel bad he's could have been so much worse. Me and my three little egg heads are very thankful it was just his wrist. :) Now he's just sort of angry at whoever dares cross his path. 

For example:
Derick: The candle DOES NOT go in the medicine cabinet!
Pam: Who says? We own the cabinet, we can put whatever we want in it.
Derick: No, we designated this the medicine cabinet, so just medicine can go in here.
Pam: But who's to say we can't just decide it's a medicine cabinet AND a candle cupboard?
(At which point he just leaves the room so I can't be a brat anymore.)

Later that day.
Pam: (while picking up empty grocery bags up off the floor) I don't understand why when you unload groceries, you throw the empty bags on the floor, instead of just directly stuffing them into the grocery bag container. 
Derick: You don't have to understand everything I do.
Pam: Sort of like how you don't need to understand why I like to put candles in the medicine cupboard?
(At which point he leaves the room again).

Ha ha...okay, so I can't lie, those sorts of conversations happen with or without a fractured wrist...but they are definitely more common WITH a fractured wrist! Lol!! Hope you enjoyed that random share.

Happy Canada Day everybody!!!! 


  1. Love the egg heads they look really cute up there:)

  2. I'm commenting so you know I read your posts! love Bos's double chin!

  3. Very cute! I'm sad for both of you that he hurt his wrist. Maybe you could just show us some more previous projects if your not going to be able to do many new ones? I love seeing your stuff!

  4. WHERE IS MY COMMENT FOR THIS POST! Grrrrrrrr your blog hates me or something because I most DEF commented!

  5. reissued comment to best of my knowledge.

    ohhhhh my goodness I love love boss' picture! LOVE that double chin!! You need to get working on bakers!


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