Saturday, June 4

Button, button

So I know this is two posts in a row, but I've been SO excited to talk about my Illustrator 101 class I am just finishing up. It's been one of the funnest things I've done ever. I wish I would have learned Illustrator yeeears ago. For anyone who even kind of enjoys that sort of thing (like designing digital stuff) TAKE THIS CLASS NOW! It's taught by Alma Loveland (she's awesome!), of Ollibird design, through Nicole (Hill) Gerulat's classes (called Nicole's Classes). There's a few different online classes you can take...I would take them all if I had $$ to burn...doing different online workshops and stuff for different things is my biggest recommendation if you are even remotely interested in doing it. It takes your hobby from being frustrating to FUN!
Make sure you have some time to devote to this one though. It's a month long, all online, and it's a whole different way of thinking, so it take a bit of time to get the hang of it. Alma is great to answer questions though! Anyway, the point of this post is I designed myself a blog button!! Funny, eh? Me and my sister have been wanting to make a button for each other's blog for a while...but she hasn't done hers yet, so anyway, i thought why not have the code there so anyone can add my button if they wanted?? That sounds like a good time, right? I'm seriously loving blogging...mostly the decorating my blog part of it....what else is new. :)
So anyway, here's the tut I used to figure out the html code to get it on there so that others could grab it too if they wanted. And for anyone who is interested, my dimensions are 125 by 125 pixels, and I used both Photoshop and Illustrator to do it. (I made the bike in Illustrator, and the wood grain/heart is a brush in Photoshop). Then I just followed that tutorial. And if YOU would like to put my button on your blog (and be my best friend....ha ha), just copy and paste that html code into the Java Script Gadget option (on blogspot anyways). It's that easy! :o) SO FUN!


  1. oooh that sounds like fun!!! too bad I dont have illustrator! where do you find all your cutsy PS brushes?

  2. if i had a blog I would sport your button....just saying!


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