Monday, June 20

Salad Dressing

I wasn't going to post tonight, then I realized it'd been five days since I'd posted...longest run ever, and I couldn't live with that. Ha I thought I'd post some pics of the kids, since I always have about a billion of those on hand! This first picture will be one of my favourite pictures for forevvvvvver. It makes me so happy just thinking about it!!
Technically speaking, it's a terrible picture. Lighting was terrible, the noise is terrible, everything about it is terrible, but hello, it's a picture of my 2 and 4 year-old talking on SALAD DRESSING phones!! Does it get any cuter than that? Yes, yes it does...actually hearing their conversation makes it cuter. They were supposed to be eating supper, next thing we know, we hear them talking to each other like they're on the phone...because in their cute little minds, they were! Love those kids.
Can anyone say "forced hug"?
Derick accidentally put Baker's pants on Boston, and he thought he was pretty funny in his tiny pants. I asked him if I could take a picture, and they thought it was a better idea to only let me take a picture of their bums. Or their "bumbies" as Van calls them. 
I can't wait until fatso number three can join in the fun!! And yes, he is wearing baby gum boots. No big deal. 


  1. aaaah so cute! i have said it before and i will say it again i LOVE bakers eyes. man he is so freakin cute. don't you love it when kids pretend talk on the phone?? it is definitely my fave!!

  2. sucks now that your kids are talking to each other cuz now you and derick won't mimic their conversations as much anymore haha

  3. You're right, that picture is priceless. And so is that pic of boss showing off his I say pretty much every time...that kid kills me!

  4. um, I am pretty sure that Baker has a big old rock in his mouth during this picture! The funnest part of this day was when your mom changed Boston's wipes? not a problem! hahahahaha


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