Thursday, June 30

Egg Head

So I thought I'd get a post up before the loooong weekend! These pictures don't do this little project justice! This is one of my very favourite parts of my house...probably because it's a decoration that involves my kids, kind of a win/win in my books! 
It was a pretty simple craft. I just took side profile pics of the boys' heads, enlarged them to the size I needed them at in photoshop, then held them against black cardstock and cut them out. I had to add the hair and eyelashes myself where I saw fit. I also had to doctor Boston's head! Lol! Seriously, what an egg head, eh? I just put their profiles on scrapbook paper, in Ikea frames. I was pregnant with Baker when I made them, so left the third empty. I'll probably do his (and update Boston's) in a few months. Though, I LOVE how you can even see Boston's little double chin in his profile!!
Well, time to get ready for a few fun days! Our July 1st will be a bit toned down this year. Derick fractured his wrist in a little run-in he had with his dirt bike. Meaning, he can't even hardly pick up the baby now! Sweet, right? Not sure who's bummed more...him because he can't wakeboard, dirt bike, work out with his bro, or play softball, or me because now there's no way we'll get done our summer to-do list on the house!! Ha ha...I know, I'm selfish!! Really, I feel bad he's could have been so much worse. Me and my three little egg heads are very thankful it was just his wrist. :) Now he's just sort of angry at whoever dares cross his path. 

For example:
Derick: The candle DOES NOT go in the medicine cabinet!
Pam: Who says? We own the cabinet, we can put whatever we want in it.
Derick: No, we designated this the medicine cabinet, so just medicine can go in here.
Pam: But who's to say we can't just decide it's a medicine cabinet AND a candle cupboard?
(At which point he just leaves the room so I can't be a brat anymore.)

Later that day.
Pam: (while picking up empty grocery bags up off the floor) I don't understand why when you unload groceries, you throw the empty bags on the floor, instead of just directly stuffing them into the grocery bag container. 
Derick: You don't have to understand everything I do.
Pam: Sort of like how you don't need to understand why I like to put candles in the medicine cupboard?
(At which point he leaves the room again).

Ha ha...okay, so I can't lie, those sorts of conversations happen with or without a fractured wrist...but they are definitely more common WITH a fractured wrist! Lol!! Hope you enjoyed that random share.

Happy Canada Day everybody!!!! 

Wednesday, June 29


Okay, I finally have Lappy back! For those of you who aren't my sisters, Lappy is my laptop. Yes, he has a name, and it's Lappy, and he's been dead with no workable cord to charge him for a few days, but we're back in business!! :)

My last but equally fun senior shoot. Instead of rain we had the terrible Southern Alberta wind!! I guess wind is better than rain I guess? It was fun taking Ellicia to the exact same place I took Jesse, because I got to play with a few more things that I'd missed the first time!!
Okay, I can't lie...I sort of love the wind. That's when shots like these happen!

These ones were my favourite. I had a terrible time choosing which ones to post...I guess that's a good problem to have though!
She was so tall with the longest legs...and then some sweet heels on top of that! Lol! I wasn't jealous at all. Okay I was.

She is "lit-erally" (said Parks and Recreation style) looking for mice in this picture on the left! There weren't any though...just guard dogs. Not sure which was worse!
And now I get to edit two sessions from the actual grad day...hooray for working computers!!

Saturday, June 25

Okay, I'm finally done! Well, mostly. I didn't get the downloads section figured out yet, but oh well, I have to meet my deadline! Lol. And who am I kidding...I'll never be done! I'm pretty much having to force myself to quit thinking about a new design all ready...I can't help it. My brain is crazy. And it keeps me up at night. And that drives me even more crazy!
To help distract me though, I'm starting work on my sister's blog. I'm excited!! Anyway, here's a screenshot of the new place! Google readers will have to click through to enjoy the full effect!
And I thought I would share how I got my cutesy cursive font to work in blogger as my blog post titles!!! Excited? I am! I've had a few requests for the info, and I aim to please!  I hope no one is disappointed though to find out it I just followed the Kevin&Amanda tutorial. I've heard from a few that they've also tried it, and couldn't get it to work. It worked for me though, so take faith in that I guess? Try it again, and follow every single instruction STEP BY STEP!! If you have troubles, come back and comment on this post, and I'll do my best to troubleshoot things with you. I have a LOT of fun decorating my blog, and I want you guys to have fun too!! 

Oh, and by the way, I just have to say how excited I am that I figured out dropdown menus on my blog! Lol! I know, I know, why do I even need dropdown menus? Leah said the same thing...and I answered with something like, "Leah, didn't you hear me? I FIGURED OUT DROPDOWN MENUS! I don't care that I don't need them, SOMETHING is going to DROP DOWN on my blog!" :) So yeah, I had to scratch my head for a bit to come up with stuff, but I worked it out I think! I hope no one is taking my "new blog" too seriously. I did it completely 100% for fun. Everything I do for the blog is completely 100% JUST for fun. And btw, I realize I'm kind of a spazz with my caps lock button. My apologies. 

I also wanted to quickly mention my labels and archives can be found at the bottom of my blog. I couldn't get my dropdown menus to be quite THAT fancy yet.

P.S. Notice I labelled this post Blogger 101? Ya, I plan on sharing more blogger let me know if you have any requests and I'll do my best!

Tuesday, June 21

Okay, well not my WHOLE blog, ha ha...BUT, you can have my header and my background if you want! I'm forever changing things...if you haven't picked up on that. And unfortunately my blog is no exception...but I guess that's fortunate for my readers, because I figure, SOMEONE should have my old stuff, right? :) SO I thought it would be fun to GIVE IT AWAY! If you're interested, just leave a comment, and I'll pick a WINNER (FYI, just typing these words is making me, a giveaway? That's funny to me.) Anyways, I'll adjust the header so it's personal to you, I'll even leave some space for you to insert pictures yourself if you want, and keep your name and the bird at the bottom somewhere. The files will be .jpegs, and also, I am on the new blogger. I know nothing about the old if you're not sure how to replace your header/background and you're on the old blogger, sorry, I'm not a lot of help! I'm sure you could figure it out with google though!!! If you're on the new blogger, it's easy..and I'll help you if you need it!

I'll "close" things on Saturday, so four days! That way I have a deadline for myself to get the NEW blog ready! I've been busy busy, and it's taken a LOT of time, but it's been SO SO fun, and I'm realizing that I LOVE figuring out html code and web design!! Perfect, right? I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head. OH WELL! Lol!

P.S. I'm completely prepared to have NO ONE enter the giveaway! Ha ha. My feelings won't be hurt if no one wants me, I'm okay with having different styles! :) And also, in the future (like 6 months or so) I'll make the header/background available for anyone. The header will just be blank is all...still fun though, right?

Monday, June 20

I wasn't going to post tonight, then I realized it'd been five days since I'd posted...longest run ever, and I couldn't live with that. Ha I thought I'd post some pics of the kids, since I always have about a billion of those on hand! This first picture will be one of my favourite pictures for forevvvvvver. It makes me so happy just thinking about it!!
Technically speaking, it's a terrible picture. Lighting was terrible, the noise is terrible, everything about it is terrible, but hello, it's a picture of my 2 and 4 year-old talking on SALAD DRESSING phones!! Does it get any cuter than that? Yes, yes it does...actually hearing their conversation makes it cuter. They were supposed to be eating supper, next thing we know, we hear them talking to each other like they're on the phone...because in their cute little minds, they were! Love those kids.
Can anyone say "forced hug"?
Derick accidentally put Baker's pants on Boston, and he thought he was pretty funny in his tiny pants. I asked him if I could take a picture, and they thought it was a better idea to only let me take a picture of their bums. Or their "bumbies" as Van calls them. 
I can't wait until fatso number three can join in the fun!! And yes, he is wearing baby gum boots. No big deal. 

Thursday, June 16

Okay, here's the whole picture! Our living room area is the AWKWARDEST space ever. Long and skinny...with three tiny hexagonal-ish walls to the left of the fireplace, and then a big long wall to the right with a window smack in the middle of it. The couches have been a few different ways, and this arrangements seems to make the most sense for us in this non-sensical room of ours.
These are the second pair of curtains hung here. Plain Jane from Ikea. I sewed and sold the first set in a matter of months and settled on these until I found a set I just HAD to have. There's a few sets at Urban I'm trying to decide how much I love right now! A third set has all ready sold out...I hope they restock, because it's the one I love the most! I apologize to anyone who wasn't addicted to Urban Outfitters probably will be by the time you're done clicking my links! :) Oh, and the blanket over the couch...yup, UO. On sale for $50. You can't SEW them for $50!!! Yellow/white striped cushion is Superstore, green neck pillow is Ikea. I usually have more pillows in there...but Van puked on them, and they were in the wash at the time of this picture! :)
I got the idea to squish nine frames together from Ali Edward's daughter's room,  except I wanted to use square frames so the whole thing would be a big square. I didn't rush at all and bought the first square frames I happened across which were in Superstore. There's for sure cuter square frames out there, but regardless, this is one of my favourite things in my house!! And I know, I have yet to get a picture of Baker in there...I printed one, and then accidentally scrapbooked it. Ha ha.. 
The little red stool/chair is from an antique store in Great Falls. I hardly name names since I hardly remember names! And it's not like I have one store (besides Station 8) that holds all the antique goodies I've ever gotten, I find gems everywhere...and a lot of crap too! Antiquing is so hit or thrifting.
The picture of Christ is a Simon Dewey print. I love it. Not so much the frame...will prob change that along the way somewhere. Pillow below is UO. Yellow chair was from the old Raymond Elementary School. (My mother-in-law is a librarian there and had them at her house and wanted to get rid of them...I was giddy about it. ) The reading lamp is from Home Sense. And it's crooked, and it makes me mad. 
Lamp and end table below are Ikea. Knob is Anthro. Was on sale for $2.95. Basket from Michael's...I've hired it to hold all of our puzzles. 
I HATED my mantle for the first three years we lived here. Finally by then though I had accumulated enough things that I liked when put together. I know it's weird now, but I love it...finally!

Monday, June 13

Baker's man! Here's the rest of the map shoot. I'm SO MAD I forgot to slick Baker's hair for the pictures...I really dropped the ball there! Anyway, his hat is also too small...but it was too late to find another one, and I thought it was a necessary accessory! :) Anyway, enjoy my little handsome man No. 3. :)

Friday, June 10

Here's a few details shots from my living room. It seemed like too many pictures to put everything into one post! I don't know's not like it's a bad thing to have a post with a lot of pictures! I'm just weird. 
Speaking of weird, so is lots of stuff about my house, and I'm okay with that. Just thought I'd mention that! Lol. I know my "style" (not sure what my style is) isn't for everyone...I don't post pictures of my house because I think ANY of it is must-see by anyone, but just because it's fun. I just get paranoid know how it is, wondering what people think of you when you post certain pictures and say certain things! Hoping it's all coming off right and stuff. 

Anyways, moving on...I got these deer sheds given to me by my most generous bro-in-law, and I was in heaven. Of all the things I bought in Calgary that weekend shopping, these were my favourite things I got to take home!! The books below were all bought for 25 cents each at the Bargain Barn in Cardston, AB. There's always gems there to be found, and I just love all the vintage faded colors together. I just barely got the letter press letter Hs in the mail from Three Potatoe Four (3P4). I am IN LOVE with and addicted to their site. Click over, and it will take you about two seconds to see why. I dealt with Stu quite a bit actually b/c there were problems with my package, and he was AWESOME to deal with. Seriously, don't ya'll just love buying stuff like ten time mores when you know it's from nice people??? And aren't all those different letter Hs the neatest???  
Bowling pin from Station 8, Ferris Wheel on sale from Pottery Barn, big number 5 ordered from eBay, small number 5 from 3P4, 1/2 peck container from an antique store on the main street of Whitefish, MT. The number 5s are because there's five of us in our family. Hopefully we make it to five kids at least, and eventually the 5s will end up in his/her (probably his, who am I kidding?) room. :o)
Deer shed from bro-in-law, vase from Ross or one of those, blue holey thing (nice description, eh?) from Winners, and fan from antique store on main street of Great Falls. 
I'm seriously in love with these Hs. And all different fonts of letter and numbers in general! :)
Middle locker bin salvaged from an old school, two outside bins from antique store from main street of Columbia Falls, MT. Behind the bins I keep extra diapers, wet wipes, and diaper cream...still handy, but out of the way! :) Saves my lazy bum a few extra trips upstairs. 
I can't remember the pattern of this fabric, but I order most of my fabric from It's lots cheaper, a big variety, and you can easily compare what different fabrics look like beside each other. Plus, they always include a hand written thank you on your receipt. I like that. :) I got this cushion made/covered by the nice folks at Ducan here in Lethbridge. (The seam looks crooked, but I just needed to straighten it...they did a great job!) I think the whole thing cost about $40 or so. Pretty reasonable, eh? They added velcro to the bottom, and gave me velcro that we stapled onto the lid of our chest, so that's how it stays, and it's also removable for washing. I covered that "handle" (drawer pull) with matching fabric. I did a real professional job with my glue gun. (Not.) 

Derick built this hope chest for me for Christmas when we were dating...biggest surprise ever. He would work on it whenever we weren't together...which was never. Which meant that he worked on it at 3am in the morning usually (don't judge) :), and a couple of nights when he convinced me he needed to go Christmas shopping. I was ticked we weren't hanging out, and told him I'd rather not have any presents if it meant we didn't get to hang out that night. And then when he said he needed to go shopping AGAIN (a third time), because he wasn't finished yet, I'm pretty sure I said something super sweet, nice and understanding like, "if you need to go Christmas shopping for me so much, you obviously have no idea of what you're even getting me, and so you probably shouldn't even be wasting your time shopping for whatever you happen across." Nice, eh? Ha ha...
Imagine my surprise! Anyway, it is all cedary-paneled and cute inside, and it was maple or something, and we spraypainted it cream about a year ago, added some square moulding on the front and sides, (I know you can still see the nail holes...and I like them), and now we toss LOADS of stuff in there, (like bumbo chairs and jolly jumpers and crap) and it's great!! And meaningful. Which is always the best in my books! 

Tuesday, June 7


Another fun senior shoot! Robbie just needed a (mini) mini we just went quickly to the end of my road for ten minutes and got some good ones! I was impressed at how he pretty much organized and took care of his grad pictures by himself!! I guess I should give teenage boys more credit! Lol. 

Saturday, June 4

So I know this is two posts in a row, but I've been SO excited to talk about my Illustrator 101 class I am just finishing up. It's been one of the funnest things I've done ever. I wish I would have learned Illustrator yeeears ago. For anyone who even kind of enjoys that sort of thing (like designing digital stuff) TAKE THIS CLASS NOW! It's taught by Alma Loveland (she's awesome!), of Ollibird design, through Nicole (Hill) Gerulat's classes (called Nicole's Classes). There's a few different online classes you can take...I would take them all if I had $$ to burn...doing different online workshops and stuff for different things is my biggest recommendation if you are even remotely interested in doing it. It takes your hobby from being frustrating to FUN!
Make sure you have some time to devote to this one though. It's a month long, all online, and it's a whole different way of thinking, so it take a bit of time to get the hang of it. Alma is great to answer questions though! Anyway, the point of this post is I designed myself a blog button!! Funny, eh? Me and my sister have been wanting to make a button for each other's blog for a while...but she hasn't done hers yet, so anyway, i thought why not have the code there so anyone can add my button if they wanted?? That sounds like a good time, right? I'm seriously loving blogging...mostly the decorating my blog part of it....what else is new. :)
So anyway, here's the tut I used to figure out the html code to get it on there so that others could grab it too if they wanted. And for anyone who is interested, my dimensions are 125 by 125 pixels, and I used both Photoshop and Illustrator to do it. (I made the bike in Illustrator, and the wood grain/heart is a brush in Photoshop). Then I just followed that tutorial. And if YOU would like to put my button on your blog (and be my best friend....ha ha), just copy and paste that html code into the Java Script Gadget option (on blogspot anyways). It's that easy! :o) SO FUN!

Friday, June 3

I've been DYING to do this photoshoot for a long time. Okay for six months. I was trying to think of something cute for Baker's 6 month shoot, and I thought of a map! I mean, they are everywhere right now...but shockingly, I hadn't seen anyone use one as a backdrop for a photoshoot! Cutest idea, right? Too bad I'm not a professional who would do it justice...but oh well, you get what you get! :) Here's the pics of all the boys I took, and I'll post the ones of just Baker in a few.

Don't be fooled by the above picture. Not for one second would every single kid look at me at the same time!!! I couldn't even manage to get 2 out of 3! So yes, this picture is photoshopped. What of it?
Van is a lover. What can I say?
And Boston...he's just his own little man. I squish him to pieces every day because he is the cutest thing around town. Too bad he wouldn't smile...not even his usual fake/pain smile. You take what you get I guess!
There's something about a picture of someone staring right at me into the camera that makes me want to always turn it black and white.
Don't mind the crooked map. Derick was trying to hold it steady (it is massive) while I was acting like a maniac attempting to get the boys to look at didn't work, but oh well, it's finished! This is actually my first "posed" shoot like this I've done with the boys...where they were actually SUPPOSED to look at me and smile and do nothing else! And now I remember why I don't do them much...I NEVER get near as cute as smiles as I'd like because they are never natural. I have two other shoots planned for them this summer though that I'm dying even more to do...ha ha...and I've been waiting almost a YEAR to do! (For the weather to get nice enough again!). Can't wait!!