Thursday, May 26

Wide Angle

I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes info from the shower curtain pictures. Fun? Maybe? I just always like to see the "wider shot" of's always helped me understand things better! I moved my couch around so the back of it was facing my living room window so their faces would be well lit. Then I hung the shower curtain over the couch (obviously), and we were in business! I actually overexposed these shots a bit, but that's just what happens sometimes! It's how you get better! :) You just got to post the pics and move on to the next ones! Van and Boston wanted to be in the kids are such naturals, eh? Ha ha...and notice their matching pjs? They're the same size...they're finally getting big enough to start sharing sizes a bit, and it's great! 


  1. ha ha poor chloe has her mothers double chin.


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