Sunday, May 29

Skooch Just a Titch

My first senior shoot was so fun!! Meet Jessie, she's not only gorgeous (obviously), but she's also my cousin! (Through marriage but whatevs, right?) We had a It was so nice to A) take pictures of someone who  WANTED their picture taken, and B) have my subject actually look at me AND smile all at the same time! Anyway, enjoy! 

I hope these pictures show how awesome and confident Jessie is...she's her student body president in Raymond, and she's so on top of everything!
So without fail, EVERY time I take someone's pictures, I use the word 'titch", and they look at me like I'm a little nutso. I picked it up from my sister, Jolene...really though, what a perfect little word! Then when I ask them to "skooch", I'm double nutso! :) So anyway...that's what you get when I take your pictures...lots of "skooching just a titch" please! 
I seriously love her stone cold expression in this one!!
It was awesome catching the light as the sun went down...I've never really been able to just PLAY with the sun as it sets...definitely going to have to try and squeeze more play dates in.
Jessie....remember when I made you "naturally play with/tuck your hair" over and over? Ha ha....yeah, this was the best one (and I happen to LOVE it), and it was the FIRST one I took! All that extra hard work for nothing. :)

We didn't ask Mr. Cranky if we could pose by his truck...and his window was down as if he had just ran in the store for a moment...but the store looked abandoned, with no one in sight to ask we just went with it! If Mr. Cranky ever comes across this blog...I apologize! :) But you have a sweet truck!!!
And it looks even better with a pretty girl standing by it, eh?
We drove around for ten minutes or so at the end trying to find one more location, but the sun was fading fast and we were running out of time! So I just came in close on her face and quickly took this one in the middle of a parking lot...SO WORTH IT, RIGHT???? Seriously Jessie, you are a SMOKE SHOW! (That looks like Kelly Clarkson...) :O)
By the way, I scheduled this post to publish on Sunday....fancy, hey? Ha ha...I just wanted to try it out! Right now I'm in Calgary hanging out with family!! Yippee! 


  1. Man Jess you are one sexy lady!! good work on the pics pam they are perfect!


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