Thursday, May 5


I did this little girl's newborn shoot in February, but I haven't shared it anywhere yet, so here you go! Holy cow, I have never seen a baby with so much CURLY hair!! She was seriously the cutest thing. And I got to use all the headbands I had bought/made when I was pregnant with Baker (since we didn't find out what he was), so that was nice! At least they got some use, eh? :) I'm perfectly happy to see them on other baby girls instead of my own...just in case anyone was wondering!!! :O) 
Oh, and these little suitcases too were for "her" room in case he was a she. 
That letter O was from the word Joy that I had displayed from Christmas. 
We had made these prayer rugs out of braided material for my Activity Days' girls, and I thought made it would be cute to put her in a little heart since she was born so close to Valentine's Day. (I think the day after??)
With cute big sis. Ellie. She's 2, and let's just say her and Boston could be two peas in a pod! :) She wasn't very excited about getting her picture taken, so we were all so happy when she finally just walked over and plopped herself on down in front of the door and started showing us her cutest scrunchy smile ever. 
I made this headdress thing like the ones on Skye's blog all the time. I think it actually turned out SOMEWHAT okay anyway! Lol! At least Oaklyn made it look cute. :)
Thanks again Kristi! It was fun to get to meet and hang out with someone from Derick's grade! :) And by the way, Kristi's little sister happens to be the best Zumba teacher EVER! Lol! She just left (or is soon I think?) on a big trip to South Africa for a few MONTHS! And I'm going to gain at least 20 pounds in her absence!! 


  1. ok. these pictures are AMAZING! seriously they look ridiculously GOOD!

  2. I'm lucky enough to see this cute family often since they are in my ward. You took such good pictures of those girls. I love that you have so many cute girl things without even having a girl.

  3. awww! she is darling and you are fantatsic! i've always wanted to try zumba - sounds like so much fun!

  4. Pam you need to post activity day ideas for me so i can steal them for my YW/activity days!! And these pics are adorable - I love the scrunchy smile pic!

  5. What a sweet baby girl. I just love her hair! Cute pictures.


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