Tuesday, May 24

My Shower Curtain

These were the pictures I WAS going to share last Saturday when instead I chose to enter the Ohdeedoh contest. Hmm, should have just stuck to my original plan, huh? :) Anyway, these are Jennie's adorable little girls Chloe, 2 and Ashley, 1. She found these cutest-ever vintage dresses in her mom's cedar chest, so what a perfect reason for a photoshoot, right?  
Jennie made this adorable little hat for Ashley's 1st birthday. I don't know how many birthday hats I've tried to make...none of them have been keepers! She makes ONE and it's perfect! Lol!
I was so happy we got a good one of the sisters together. Aren't their bows the cutest? 

Every time I see Ashley's cute serious little face I have to chuckle...she is a serious little missy sometimes! She wasn't smiling for nothing for us...she takes after her dad I think! :o) 

It didn't matter though, she was just as cute not smiling as she is smiling!

Cutest little dresses, hey? Oh, and I forgot to mention what we used for the background! Okay, my post title may have all ready given it away. Yep, it's my shower curtain! $30 on sale from Urban Outfitters a few months ago, and I am in LOVE with it!! 


  1. pics look grrrrreat sis! seriously these are SO adorable! Such a cute shower curtain too! ps did you see that urban has FREE shipping for the next 3 days?? :o)

  2. oh good work pam!! thank you THANK you!! regan loves them too! now i just gotta get them up on my wall!!

  3. she is such a beautiful baby and as always love the pictures! You and leah have some serious talent in more areas then that obviously too!

  4. cute pam!! thats funny...I am in the process of making a dust ruffle that looks just like your curtain!!


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