Friday, May 13

The (modelesque) In-laws!

What a busy week! We decided to take these family pictures last minute last week, and by last minute, I mean at about 1pm in the afternoon, and we took these pictures at 6:30pm that night! I never felt so popular with all the text messages/emails I was getting trying to coordinate it and let everyone know! :O)
I was a bit flustered (there's always so much pressure for things to turn out right when you're taking the picture yourself), but it all worked out! That's right, I took this picture on timer! Lol! As in, hit the timer button, have ten seconds to prance back into the picture and ATTEMPT to look natural (and not fat), then prance (I'm saying prance, because that's what you do in heels, you prance), back to the camera, check things out, then do it all again a TON more times!
We actually had the remote all ready to go, even went out and bought the special battery for the little piece you plug back into your camera. Even bought AAA batteries for my actual remote which we didn't put in because we tested the remote, and it was working fine.....a few INCHES from the camera anyways! Ha ha..should have tested it farther than that! Hence...the timer shot.

Then I ever-so-kindly asked a (bewildered) worker (from this smelly factory place) to hit the shutter button for us a few times. He couldn't believe we were all gussied up and taking our family pic there. So I was happy to get to sit, and I love this pose about TEN MILLION times more than the last one (because I'm sitting=more flattering), but alas, I hadn't noticed that the sun had moved, and now was streaming into my camera lens, causing some super streaky sun flare in the pic. Sometimes I like sun flare. In this case, I do not! I don't hate it, it would just look better without it, that's all.
Ah well, Sam thinks she looks like she's in pain in this one anyway! :) I think it passes for a smile just fine though!

Then we sent Derick home to get the remote, because he's the best in the west, and we took this one...which turned out pretty cute I thought!! 

Of course, Derick's family looks good in pretty much every single picture taken of them, so that helps!!! By this picture, the kids had pretty much had it. Good thing we brought along some sparklers for Derick to put on a performance with behind me as I snapped away! :)

And there's your step-by-step narration of how self-taking our own family picture goes! I've actually done two more shoots since this one which I'll be sharing soon, a cute one of Jennie's little girls (by the way Jennie, YOUR PICTURES ARE DONE!), you can come pick them up anytime! And last night I did my first senior shoot! Talk about fun!! Non-drooly, crying, running-away-from-me subjects? Heck yes! 


  1. Super cute pam!!! you did awsome~ I wish I lived where you were my photographer! we struggle down here~!

  2. Pam those are the CUTEST! Love 'em. And love the 'smelly factory' location :)

  3. THese look AWESOME!! it is too bad about the sun but still looks GREAT! i am with you...the second pose looks best! and i can't WAIT to see the pics of the girls!! you're the BEST!!

  4. These are so cute!! You are amazing!

  5. wow - good work chickee! i would have less impressed if you were in flip flops but prancing around in heels is pretty amazing, and i just love the visual :) super cute!

  6. ok love your outfit! ha and look at you in your heels! too funny he he ps did something happen on the upload cuz they look a little warped to me.... but SUPER cute!!

  7. These turned out great. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!! Where did you get it? Great color combo. And if you didn't say it was your in laws, I'd think that was your family. The long dark hair...


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