Saturday, May 21

Dining Nook

Okay, back to regularly-scheduled programming! I still have TWO photoshoots that I can't wait to share, but since I have some new followers since the whole laundry drama (it really needs a name...I'll work on that), I thought I'd 'welcome' them with another part of my house! And again, a final THANK YOU to everyone's awesome, supportive comments/emails!! They've been the difference maker in how I'll look back at this mess, that's for sure! :) For anyone here looking for Boston's Laundry Lair story, just read the last FOUR posts...and then I dare you to try and get that hour of your life back.

Very few rooms of my house are completely done, but the nook has actually been done for a year or so. The plan is to have every single room done by the end of the summer, so I promise to blog my entire house by then, k? I'll share my living room in a week or so. 
Derick built this shelf for me out of mdf and crown moulding. Then we painted it white, and then distressed it with a dark stain/poly mix. I love how it turned out.
The nook has the biggest 'country' feel I would say of the whole house. The rest of the house is a bit more relaxed/vintage. Don't you hate having to describe your style? It's hard! I have tried different things up on the shelf, but it's just too hard to mix some of my vintage things with the I've stuck to keeping it just dishes for now. 
I'm in love with this crackled/ruffle bowl!! It's yellow...all of these pictures are pretty hazy..too much sun streaming in. I got this at an antique store somewhere...I'm starting to lose track which places things came from. Downtown Great Falls I think.
My of my favourite buys ever! It was $50 on clearance at Canadian Tire! I loved it so much I went to the other one in town and bought their last one too. So now I have hope one day I'll have a kitchen/dining area big enough to handle hanging them both! But who am I kidding, I'll prob sell this with the house and change my mind 15 times by the time I get to decorating my next kitchen. :)
The china came from an antique store in Columbia Falls, MT...the sort of western-looking one that's down the street a bit from Station 8. (Station 8 by the way is my favourite antique store ever! The owner Colette is the best!! She's even watched out for stuff on buying trips for me if I'm looking for something particular!) The frame below is from Michael's. 
This tray is my favourite part of the china. I wasn't even planning on buying china necessarily for this shelf, but when I came across this china, I was in love!! How can that not be just as cute in 50 years as it is today? How on earth could china like this ever go out of style? It can't! And at 50% off??? I'll take it! 
This is the high chair we had made to match our table/chairs. I'll talk about the table at the end. It just sits tucked underneath the bar, next to two bar stools. 
So once upon a time we lived in Pittsburgh, and we used to go to the amish country a few times a year, and it was awesome! It's really like a trip back in time...horses and buggies everywhere...old-style cooking on the cheap at the restaurants, and lots and lots of furniture stores filled with so many unique pieces. I REALLY wanted to take advantage of some of this furniture, bc they would custom build anything you wanted! So, we went for it, and am I ever glad we did! A few months before we moved home, I sketched out this table, and bench, picked some chairs they had in stock, and adjusted the high chair a bit to match better. What's funny is one guy built the chairs, another the table, another the bench, another the high chair, and another one stained it all. Weird, eh? My favourite part is that the top of the table is one big hunk of solid wood love! No leafs....just chunky, thick, loveliness. Anyway...since it was built before we even bought this house, it doesn't really fit! Oh well, at least it sort of fits. We have one chair tucked away so we can push the whole thing over for a bit more room at the end. Oh, and my curtains are just plain jane from Ikea...I'm forever in search of the perfect curtains...I'd love something with more color. I've all ready sewn/sold one set, and now I'm on to these. :)


  1. can you come decorate my house when we buy one???

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  3. always cute. i love your little nook. how about you sell us your house (for sure cheap) and then just leave all the cute stuff. cause you know your gonna want all new stuff in your new house! k great. thanks! ;)

  4. Love it! I wish I had some decorating talent!

  5. Did you mention that you painted your walls like a gazillion times too? Your a special kind of person you are. ha sorry on the delayed post! So glad to be back in the real world with internet now! yipee!!

  6. I love your house Pam. I am so glad you are taking the time to show us around on your blog. I didn't catch all the fun detail when I came.


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