Tuesday, May 17

Cream of the Crop

For starters, for anyone not sure what's going on, just read the last two posts. "Boston's Laundry Lair", and then "I've never been so mad." and it will all make sense!

I'm not totally sure why I'm sharing these, but I know what it's like to sometimes wish you could have read or heard exactly what was said, and I also think it's hard to describe just how vicious the commentors got, so here you go! There were over 100 in total, two of them were sooo extremely nice, five or six were still mean, but tried to be nice at least, and the rest were just outright mean, and the ones below...they were just plain hurtful. What's crazy is that ANYONE who knows me, knows I absolutely do not back down from a fight, I have a thick skin, and I am not one to run from controversy. 

I tried to write my own comment at the end to stand up for myself (it was super long, I just addressed the main hurtful things and stated that they could have been said a lot nicer, that I understand they are allowed to have opinions, I even agreed better safe than sorry and have moved the cleaning supplies....stuff like that). But even after that, people were still getting into it with me, so that's when I decided to just be pulled out of the contest all together. People like the ones who left the comments below aren't going to have their minds changed, so there was no point in leaving it up there to encourage them further. No, I'm not ashamed Boston is in the laundry room, but no, I am not about to take an international stand on a blog that I think it's okay, either. 

Anyway, here they are...enjoy. 

I think this is just sad to put a kid in a laundry room- so the other children could have their own room. What a way to make them feel like the poor middle child.

"I feel like I can be pretty relaxed parent but I feel like I'm getting punked with this one."


this makes me so sad

This is a joke, right? "Sorry, kid, your little brother's come along so you are getting put in the cupboard under the stairs -- I mean, the laundry room. Try not to drink the bleach or pull down the FOAM BOARD I shoved in there to cover the window." Yeah, he won't have ANY middle child issues.

But hey, at least they defrauded their student loan company so they could buy top of the line new laundry machines.

This can't be for real. Did they honestly spend student loan money on a washer and dryer? And then stuff their kid into a room with them? I feel like someone thought, "Hm...I want to win that contest somehow and yet I don't really have a small or cool space.... Maybe I'll stage a sleeping area in the laundry room and people will think I'm so hip and clever and I'll win prizes and be famous and popular!"

I know it's not April 1st, but this has to be a joke, right?

Poor kid. This makes me terribly sad. I hope these comments knock a bit of sense into these parents and whoever at Apartment Therapy "Ok-ed" this to be qualified as "Small/Cool" there is nothing cool about this. I'd enter this to Child Services... not a design competition.

I hate to be the one who says this, but you better hope a child services employee does not see this post - because I'm pretty sure this may fall under child endangerment. I would be pretty darn embarrassed to even show this space to my family, let alone share pictures of it on the internet to thousands of strangers!

How come no one mentioned - Earthquake? It could topple right on to the baby- or the heavy detergents could as well. Also, not much breathing space (SIDS anyone?) Also, I'm with user named 'papillon' This is definitely grounds for CFS to take your child away or at least recommend a different set up. I think kids in the 'projects' have better sleeping arrangements.

I think the "love you more" sign is just adding insult to injury. 

I have but one word for this room: disgusting. Seriously, ohdeedoh, you're either being punked and are too stupid to see it, or this family is gleefully putting their 2-year-old in harm's way and you think nothing of it. WTF is wrong with you people?

If you want your kids to have separate rooms so badly, go sleep on the sofa.

For the love...

chemicals and cleaning products stored ABOVE the crib?? Are you insane?! And putting your child in a room with major appliances?? Its going to be stuffy and humid, and there's hardly any air circulation. Do you not care about the risk of SIDS? I don't see an exhaust in there, nor a fan. THESE ARE BABIES, NOT DOGS. What's next? The garage? The attic? The storage shed in the backyard?

JUST MOVE ALREADY! You chose to have the kids, now move into a proper home where they have a proper bedroom. Seriously. Closets were bad enough, this is INSANE.

Ohdeedoh, look what you guys have done, you've made it popular to shove your baby into the smallest, most ridiculous, most UNSAFE spaces because you call it "cool" and "trendy" and "resourceful". When its really just STUPID.

Did anyone else notice that the child can reach the washer/dryer hook-ups in the wall, too????

I can't imagine in what WORLD it is better to stick your son in the laundry room closet, than for him to share a room with his brother. REALLY? 

It you had the extra loan money for those appliances, maybe you should have spent it on some more space? There has to be a better solution, this can not be the only place for your child. You can't dress this up with cutesy decor and expect people to think it's great.

Also, foamboard? The child could get it out and chew on it and choke.

(Here is where I wrote my comment.)

Lady, we're judging you because you put a CHILD in HARM'S WAY because you thought it would be CUTE for a WEBSITE. And BTW, I bought a nice HE LG washer/dryer set for under $1000 with my own damn money.

(The comment below was written by me, directed towards the girl who wrote the comment above. I should have known not to attempt to reason with a girl named Lulukittie!)

Lulukittie, I would like to see how you would handle being attacked like I was today. Except I wouldn't, because I wouldn't wish anyone to have to be under fire the way I was.
And student loans are paid back in full...with our own hard-earned money. And please at least read what I said. I never in a million years would decorate my child's room bc I thought it would be cute for a website.

(The one below was from her back to me. This is where I saw things getting out of control, feeling like I was in a yelling match online, and decided to pull the plug. I tried my hardest to not get ugly with my comments, but I know myself, and that probably would have only lasted so long!"

I guess I can't relate, because I've never submitted a dangerous and bizarre children's room to an Internet contest and then cried and lashed out at anyone who dares say a word against me.

I have to say that I was really, really hoping that this room was a joke. The fact that a real person is behind this madness-- and that she is blaming all of the commenters here for raining on her parade-- just makes it much more pathetic.

at least she gave the child a crib and he doesnt have to sleep in the washer...?


All I keep picturing is if I found a photo in a box in my mom's house of me or my brothers in a crib in a closet or our laundry room growing up and my mom said "oh, i liked having a place to put you when you were tired away from everything else so naturally, that was the laundry room" I would have thought she needed her head checked. 

(The one below was particularly noteful as it took a shot at Derick too!).

Stop complaining because you're not feeling the love! you should have Boston bunk with his older brother or the baby can be in your bedroom...laundry room/Boston's bedroom=a very poor choice!dumb idea,missy!-don't think much of your partner,either...

So mental, right? It sucks too, because of course I can see the humor in it all, but I wish I could laugh about it! I keep thinking, "Did yesterday really happen? Did I seriously get publicly flogged on Ohdeedoh all day long for last-minute entering Boston's room in a contest that I didn't even care to win?"

And of course, I need to include a picture. Sheesh, I never thought it would be so hard to want to find pictures to post! I guess this expression also sums up how I'm feeling today. 

I'm over the hurt feelings...not really, but the shock's worn off at least! Now I'm just not sure where to go from here. Part of me wonders if I should delete all evidence of Boston's Laundry Lair all together so it doesn't follow me anywhere, and the other part wants to address the outright bullying in the comments on Ohdeedoh (we're discussing a bit back and forth about their thoughts on this, as quite a few of the comments also criticized them for even choosing me). I just don't want to feel like I can never submit anything ever again because I'll always be known as the crazy girl who put her baby in the laundry room!! I started a blog to share things because I love it when others do the same. Anyway, I REALLY appreciate the supportive comments on my last post, thanks everyone. Man, these laundry room posts are going to need their own label soon!

Edited to add: Ohdeedoh just put up this post regarding commenting. 

It only just went up, and all ready a comment basically saying that I didn't have common sense and should have known better. That's what's frustrating...the people who left these comments honestly think that instead of us all just agreeing to disagree, they think they are right and I am wrong, and that they needed to be that mean to get their point across so I can have some "sense knocked into me". 


  1. oh my gosh!! i am not even gonna lie....these made me cry. i can only imagine how you feel!! people are the worst. like....get a life. i think people just love to be mean online cause nobody has to know its you. I am just SO MAD for you....i bet derick is punching holes in all sorts of things ;) seriously lets track down this lulukittie and give her a swift kick to the face!

  2. Parks lived in a closet...in a play pen.....while we lived at Yvonnes....I cant believe what those women were saying... but really, every last one of them is probably cheating on their husbands....and up to debt to their ears....!!!!ha, but really!
    as long as you are okay with YOU....that is all that matters...You are an amazing mom and person....dont let that trash get to you...by the way i looooove that 2 in bostons room..

  3. That is just plain rude. My baby number 2 slept in a storage room. (no window at all which is a big no no. But there was no other place for him! You have to make do with what you have and I think his little space is adorable and nothing to be ashamed of. If anything all the thought that went into his Laundry lair, proves you're a loving caring Mother!
    P.S. I would LOVE to see more of your house. If his room is that cute the rest of your place must be gorgeous!

  4. oh please! people do so so so much worse to their kids every single day! Boston is the happiest little guy, he has a roof over his head, he has two loving parents in the same home, loving brothers, enough food to eat, toys, clothes on his back, and I could go on and on....oh wait did I mention "TWO LOVING PARENTS!" I am furious that people can be so ignorant and self-righteous to judge another and write such hurtful things.
    Pam,do I need to send my "jacked" husband over to beat these people up?
    I am fuming.....
    I could maybe think that they had a point if Bos was sleeping in say...a laundry basket, or on a towel on the floor, or inside the dryer...however he is a lush comfy crib, and his bedtime noise music and his special blanket!!!! ARGH I AM SO MAD PAM.

  5. Hey Pam,
    I saw your post on Ohdeedoh the other day, Just wanted to share with you what I posted today: "I've gotta say...I am so sick of the safety comments. Unfortunately, damn near every submission gets ripped apart by the pretentious, and self appointed ohdeedoh safety patrol. In my opinion, such people are way overestimating their intelligence to assume that their comments are NEEDED to educate the contributing parents. I think we should give those who contribute the benefit of the doubt on safety issues. Issues with shelves, mirrors over beds? The parents have likely ensured the objects are well secured to the wall, are out of reach and do not live in an earthquake zone. Issues with bumper pads, pillows or toys? I would be willing to bet the parents staged the room for photographs only. Decorative objects that are unsafe or choking hazards? Childproofing is an evolving thing, it may be safe for the current size/mobility of the child. Objects could also be placed for staging/photos only. Also, pictures are typically taken to showcase the beauty of the room and ALL safety/childproofing may not be visible. Anyways, my point is... you can't judge someones parenting or the safety of their children from a couple photos."
    Also, I thought the room was a cute temporary solution for your little guy and clearly put together with lots of mama love.
    Keep on rocking in the free world!

  6. Thank you so much everyone!! Especially thank you to Amanda! Very few have been brave enough to take a stand on Ohdeedoh and stand behind me. I really, really appreciated it! I'm so happy to see some people on there agreeing with you too! I have thought about adding my own comment in there, but I just feel so powerless, like there's no getting through to the meanies anyways, but I also hate feeling like I'm hiding. I just feel defeated right now I guess...really, thanks again though!!

  7. I found you through Ohdeedoh too. I have to say, I thought his room rocked! You put much more time into it than I did into my kids' rooms, I suspect they'd trade for it in a heartbeat. We don't have a bedroom that size, but if we actually HAD a laundry room I think we'd be all over that idea! Somehow I don't think our Michigan cellar would cut it though;)

    Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I have done child welfare investigations and would have been THRILLED to walk into a house like yours. Thrilled. Those dang posters have no idea what they're talking about. Really, these are people who apparently post snarky internet comments as a hobby. What kind of complex do you think THEIR kids have? Can you imagine growing up with parents that angry? Yikes!

  8. Hi Pam. I just wanted to say that Im sorry if you were offended by my comment. MIne was the "safety trumps design anyday" one. It was directed specifically to Ohdeedoh and was not in any way a slam at you or your parenting. There were some really mean comments on there which were uncalled for and I can totally understand your feelings of being ganged up on. I am a mother of four kiddos ages 11, 7, 4 and 2, whom I homeschool so I get my fair share of snarky comments from people about that. I feel ya. I still stand by my safety concerns but am glad to hear you moved the laundry detergent etc. My two year old is a climber and he would be up those shelves in a flash. We had to move him to a big boy bed when he was 18 months old because he could climb out of it. On strictly a design not the room is seriously cute and I have major appliance envy. Wish I had me some student loans :)

  9. pam. holy smokes. i litterally can not believe what i just read! the one thing i have learned the last 16 months being a mom is that i can no longer judge how other people parent because you just have to do whatever works for you. obviously these commenters still have the mindset that their way is the only way. i honestly LOVE how you made the room livable! my only thought when looking at the pictures was that i need to move my washer and dryer into jakes room so he would learn to be a heavy sleeper! haha. those comments were redic. especially the one about the earthquake - honestly if there was an earthquake you would have bigger concerns than a child-proof bottle of bleach falling into a crib. love your blog and cant wait to see more pcitures of your cute decorating! and i cant believe people are STILL leaving their dumb comments on the post the website put up about leaving better comments.

  10. Hey! No problem, I hope you will post more house pics soon. Can't wait to see your other cute rooms!

  11. i...am....flabbergasted! i cannot for the life of me understand why any mother in her right mind make the choice to cut down another mother! seriously! that is the cutest laundry/bedroom ever, and i think you're an AMAZING mom who is so talented, and i'm jealous of your creativity and boston's cute decorations and awesome little corner. it's not like he lives there for heaven's sake - he just sleeps there people! i'm so aggravated and frustrated and all wound up for you! now, i need to go read your next post and see what you've done about it! haha you're awesome!

  12. Really everyone, your comments are the best!! They make me feel not so crazy!! Each one has meant so much to me...and I'm so happy you have taken the time to leave them for me!!


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