Sunday, May 29

My first senior shoot was so fun!! Meet Jessie, she's not only gorgeous (obviously), but she's also my cousin! (Through marriage but whatevs, right?) We had a It was so nice to A) take pictures of someone who  WANTED their picture taken, and B) have my subject actually look at me AND smile all at the same time! Anyway, enjoy! 

I hope these pictures show how awesome and confident Jessie is...she's her student body president in Raymond, and she's so on top of everything!
So without fail, EVERY time I take someone's pictures, I use the word 'titch", and they look at me like I'm a little nutso. I picked it up from my sister, Jolene...really though, what a perfect little word! Then when I ask them to "skooch", I'm double nutso! :) So anyway...that's what you get when I take your pictures...lots of "skooching just a titch" please! 
I seriously love her stone cold expression in this one!!
It was awesome catching the light as the sun went down...I've never really been able to just PLAY with the sun as it sets...definitely going to have to try and squeeze more play dates in.
Jessie....remember when I made you "naturally play with/tuck your hair" over and over? Ha ha....yeah, this was the best one (and I happen to LOVE it), and it was the FIRST one I took! All that extra hard work for nothing. :)

We didn't ask Mr. Cranky if we could pose by his truck...and his window was down as if he had just ran in the store for a moment...but the store looked abandoned, with no one in sight to ask we just went with it! If Mr. Cranky ever comes across this blog...I apologize! :) But you have a sweet truck!!!
And it looks even better with a pretty girl standing by it, eh?
We drove around for ten minutes or so at the end trying to find one more location, but the sun was fading fast and we were running out of time! So I just came in close on her face and quickly took this one in the middle of a parking lot...SO WORTH IT, RIGHT???? Seriously Jessie, you are a SMOKE SHOW! (That looks like Kelly Clarkson...) :O)
By the way, I scheduled this post to publish on Sunday....fancy, hey? Ha ha...I just wanted to try it out! Right now I'm in Calgary hanging out with family!! Yippee! 

Thursday, May 26

Wide Angle

I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes info from the shower curtain pictures. Fun? Maybe? I just always like to see the "wider shot" of's always helped me understand things better! I moved my couch around so the back of it was facing my living room window so their faces would be well lit. Then I hung the shower curtain over the couch (obviously), and we were in business! I actually overexposed these shots a bit, but that's just what happens sometimes! It's how you get better! :) You just got to post the pics and move on to the next ones! Van and Boston wanted to be in the kids are such naturals, eh? Ha ha...and notice their matching pjs? They're the same size...they're finally getting big enough to start sharing sizes a bit, and it's great! 

Tuesday, May 24

These were the pictures I WAS going to share last Saturday when instead I chose to enter the Ohdeedoh contest. Hmm, should have just stuck to my original plan, huh? :) Anyway, these are Jennie's adorable little girls Chloe, 2 and Ashley, 1. She found these cutest-ever vintage dresses in her mom's cedar chest, so what a perfect reason for a photoshoot, right?  
Jennie made this adorable little hat for Ashley's 1st birthday. I don't know how many birthday hats I've tried to make...none of them have been keepers! She makes ONE and it's perfect! Lol!
I was so happy we got a good one of the sisters together. Aren't their bows the cutest? 

Every time I see Ashley's cute serious little face I have to chuckle...she is a serious little missy sometimes! She wasn't smiling for nothing for us...she takes after her dad I think! :o) 

It didn't matter though, she was just as cute not smiling as she is smiling!

Cutest little dresses, hey? Oh, and I forgot to mention what we used for the background! Okay, my post title may have all ready given it away. Yep, it's my shower curtain! $30 on sale from Urban Outfitters a few months ago, and I am in LOVE with it!! 

Saturday, May 21

Okay, back to regularly-scheduled programming! I still have TWO photoshoots that I can't wait to share, but since I have some new followers since the whole laundry drama (it really needs a name...I'll work on that), I thought I'd 'welcome' them with another part of my house! And again, a final THANK YOU to everyone's awesome, supportive comments/emails!! They've been the difference maker in how I'll look back at this mess, that's for sure! :) For anyone here looking for Boston's Laundry Lair story, just read the last FOUR posts...and then I dare you to try and get that hour of your life back.

Very few rooms of my house are completely done, but the nook has actually been done for a year or so. The plan is to have every single room done by the end of the summer, so I promise to blog my entire house by then, k? I'll share my living room in a week or so. 
Derick built this shelf for me out of mdf and crown moulding. Then we painted it white, and then distressed it with a dark stain/poly mix. I love how it turned out.
The nook has the biggest 'country' feel I would say of the whole house. The rest of the house is a bit more relaxed/vintage. Don't you hate having to describe your style? It's hard! I have tried different things up on the shelf, but it's just too hard to mix some of my vintage things with the I've stuck to keeping it just dishes for now. 
I'm in love with this crackled/ruffle bowl!! It's yellow...all of these pictures are pretty hazy..too much sun streaming in. I got this at an antique store somewhere...I'm starting to lose track which places things came from. Downtown Great Falls I think.
My of my favourite buys ever! It was $50 on clearance at Canadian Tire! I loved it so much I went to the other one in town and bought their last one too. So now I have hope one day I'll have a kitchen/dining area big enough to handle hanging them both! But who am I kidding, I'll prob sell this with the house and change my mind 15 times by the time I get to decorating my next kitchen. :)
The china came from an antique store in Columbia Falls, MT...the sort of western-looking one that's down the street a bit from Station 8. (Station 8 by the way is my favourite antique store ever! The owner Colette is the best!! She's even watched out for stuff on buying trips for me if I'm looking for something particular!) The frame below is from Michael's. 
This tray is my favourite part of the china. I wasn't even planning on buying china necessarily for this shelf, but when I came across this china, I was in love!! How can that not be just as cute in 50 years as it is today? How on earth could china like this ever go out of style? It can't! And at 50% off??? I'll take it! 
This is the high chair we had made to match our table/chairs. I'll talk about the table at the end. It just sits tucked underneath the bar, next to two bar stools. 
So once upon a time we lived in Pittsburgh, and we used to go to the amish country a few times a year, and it was awesome! It's really like a trip back in time...horses and buggies everywhere...old-style cooking on the cheap at the restaurants, and lots and lots of furniture stores filled with so many unique pieces. I REALLY wanted to take advantage of some of this furniture, bc they would custom build anything you wanted! So, we went for it, and am I ever glad we did! A few months before we moved home, I sketched out this table, and bench, picked some chairs they had in stock, and adjusted the high chair a bit to match better. What's funny is one guy built the chairs, another the table, another the bench, another the high chair, and another one stained it all. Weird, eh? My favourite part is that the top of the table is one big hunk of solid wood love! No leafs....just chunky, thick, loveliness. Anyway...since it was built before we even bought this house, it doesn't really fit! Oh well, at least it sort of fits. We have one chair tucked away so we can push the whole thing over for a bit more room at the end. Oh, and my curtains are just plain jane from Ikea...I'm forever in search of the perfect curtains...I'd love something with more color. I've all ready sewn/sold one set, and now I'm on to these. :)

Wednesday, May 18

Before I begin, I just want to mention that I really don’t care if my friends/family who follow my blog even reads this post, I never EVER intended to have a blog full of long opinions and speeches, but I just have to get some things out of my system, so I’m going to go ahead and do it here.
I’m going to link my blog in the comments sections on Ohdeedoh. I sort of feel sick to my stomach about it, opening myself up even more to the criticism, but I feel that in order to give myself some closure on this whole ordeal, I need to stand up for myself and for my husband, and for our choices as parents. Though I would love this to be chocked full of everything that I would LIKE to say, I hope everyone finds it non-confrontational, and more just a place for people to be referred to who have an interest in this matter. It is not my intention to have this turn into a forum for debate. I also want those who weren’t able to see the original post to have a chance to hear from the mom behind the “famous laundry post”. Don’t get me wrong, after the past few days, I do not believe that my words will make a single bit of difference in others’ minds who disagree with me. It is not my intention to change anyone’s minds.

I just want to defend myself, and I believe I have that right.

My pictures have all ready been put up one baby forum for discussion (that I know of), which is full of similar comments, another “visual” blog that at least you can’t comment on, and they were also uploaded to I know I could try and exercise my rights since no one other than Ohdeedoh has my permission to post my pictures, but truthfully, I’m not going to bother wearing myself out tracking these pictures down.
Heck, all you have to do is google one or two keywords from this mess and my own blog pops up pretty quick.

Regarding the main washer/dryer issue, much to the disappointment of many, I have not and will not be moving Boston out of the laundry room. No, your “level of harshness in your comments did not knock some sense into me”, as you would have hoped for. I have absolutely ZERO concern with Boston sleeping in the same room as them. I am not in the slightest ashamed that that’s where he sleeps, and he will remain there until he has grown out of his naps, at which point he will share with his older brother. I’ve all ready accumulated a bed for him, a mattress, and bedding, so it’s been on my radar for awhile that they would be sharing soon. I feel there is no risk of the washer/dryer bursting into flame when they are not running, and what minute risk there is, is the same amount or risk ANY electrical THING in anybody’s house has of bursting into flame, be it nightlights, televisions, or outlets, so I feel Boston is no more at risk of such an accident happening to him while he is in the laundry room than if he were in any other room of my house. No, I have not done extensive research on this matter, but it’s what my little bit of research and instinct tells me.  We start our wash first thing after Boston wakes up in the morning, and we dry it first thing after he gets up from his nap, giving plenty of time for the “air to clear” before he sleeps in there again. Boston absolutely cannot reach any of the controls, drawers, outlets, cords, etc. It may look like he can, but he can’t. Come by for a visit any time and inspect for yourself.

Regarding the bleach/cleaning supplies. Given the fact that I am Boston’s mom, and the owner of the room where he sleeps, and one of the few who can actually see in real life the distance between the crib and the “shelves of poison”, I feel that I have the authority in whether or not he can or can’t reach the supplies, and the fact is, he simply can’t. Absolutely no way could my son have ever reached those supplies. Not even up for discussion, no chance at all. I love my child to the ends of the earth, and would never, and I mean NEVER place a harmful thing like bleach in a position where he could grab it. Again, you’re welcome in my home any time to attest to this for yourself. I have had both sets of grandparents, sisters, aunts, and good friends alike all in Boston’s little space at one point or another, and not once has one person ever suggested that I need to move the cleaning supplies because they look a little close, and that’s because they aren’ I know many will think this makes me AND everyone around me qualify as idiots, but seriously, just think about things for a moment. Is it possible, that the cleaning supplies look much, much closer than they actually are? Yes, it is possible, and that is the only problem with my picture.

That said, of course I have moved all supplies to another location. Again, I will not let pride stand in the way of a very simple thing I can do to ease concerns others clearly have, though I could not possibly disagree with their concerns more. It would be purely spiteful of me to leave them there, and I do not delight in taking spite from my actions, regardless of what others who have judged me as a person from a photo, may think.

Regarding Child Protective Services, or Social Services. I have personally called Alberta’s version of Social Services to inquire further about any possible risks that others believe I am putting on my child. I spoke to more than just one person. One said they wouldn’t “recommend” it, but that that was their personal feeling, not any official standing. Another simply didn’t have time to deal with something that wasn’t a real concern in their eyes. The third that I was able to speak to in greater depth actually laughed. She was insulted that things like this get spread around giving them the sort of reputation that they would actually “waste” their time on a case such as mine when they have real problems they are dealing with, like sexual abuse and child abuse.
Still, to be sure, I pressed her further, wondering what would happen if there were such a worker who indeed sympathized with those who seem to feel the risk is real, and who indeed felt it was worth their time to look into my case further. She said that that worker would have to prove to a judge that we were indeed putting our child at risk in order to have our child taken away, and even if things were to go so far as a home visit, that she truly saw no way it would get farther than that, given that our home proved to be a safe, happy, home where our children were clearly loved and well taken care of.

That said, I give every opportunity to any social worker anywhere who wants to waste their time in my home as a guest investigating whether or not they think my child is at risk. I am beyond a shadow of a doubt positive, that no worker anywhere could get approval from a judge to take our child away. What they will find is a warm, caring place filled with love and respect for one another, a place where everyone is treated and loved equally, and a place that any child could only be so lucky to grow up in.

They will see safety precautions taken everywhere they look, every single semi-large piece of furniture we own is anchored down. Every single major cupboard has child safety locks on them. Every door leading in/out of our house has an extra chain lock installed by us at the very, very top, so that even if our children ever were to figure out how to unlock the conventional lock, they would still be kept from being able to open our door. They would find blind cords tied up, carpet installed on garage steps to make easier/softer for kids to climb on, all outlets covered, slip grips on the bottoms of our tubs, and rails/gates wherever a child could accidentally fall.

Regarding those who, from a single picture, are positive that we don’t love Boston as much as the other children. Of all the accusations flung in the past two days, this one stings the most. The only reason Boston was moved to the laundry room and not his little brother, was due to the fact that I would be up at night feeding and changing his baby brother, so would need the rocker/changing table to do so, while Boston on the other hand has been sleeping through the night since 10 months old. I FIERCELY love each one of my children the exact same amount. I feel so strongly about those who would have the audacity to suggest otherwise, that I suggest they take this up with me personally. I am not going to go on and on with “proof” that I love Boston the same as the others, because it’s just so ridiculous an accusation, not to mention the fact that people are making such accusations from a PHOTO.

Regarding those who were offended by our choice to purchase our washer/dryer set with our student loans. In hindsight, I definitely do regret “kidding” about the fact that that’s what we did, joking that it, “was a better investment than education, right?” I realize that there many, many people who are not so lucky as us to have one spouse with a good, steady job that allows them to pay for the other spouse’s education, thus allowing (once or twice) for student loans to actually be left over at the end of the semester. I apologize to those for my flippant tone in my remarks regarding something as sensitive such as debt.

I won’t, however, apologize for being financially stable enough that we were able to purchase as-is floor models on clearance for $2,000 a few months after we moved into our house four years ago, long before son number two even came along, let alone son number three. To those who feel that for the “price of those shiny top-of-the-line appliances, they could pay rent on a larger home for years”, let’s see, “years” is at least two years. $2,000 divided by 24 months is $83.33. I challenge you to find me a house for rent in Lethbridge, Alberta bigger than mine that I would be able to afford for a mere extra $83.33/month. Not to mention the fact that we are homeowners anyways, not renters, who happen to be quite happy with our current amount of square footage in our house.

To those worried we are “teaching our children poorly by not spending the loan on our education” and evenmore, to those who are concerned we are “putting our own children’s educations at the risk of owning brand-new appliances”. Jeez Louise everyone, this sad song is getting so tiring. My husband graduates with his degree this Christmas. I graduated with my diploma eight years ago. I have been working evenings and weekends (as my job requires) ever since in order to provide for my family. I have been the sole breadwinner in the home while my husband has attended school since the beginning of our marriage, seven years ago. We both paid in full for our entire educations, from our own pockets, meaning not one cent came from our parents. Moreover, not one cent of our children’s education will be paid for by us, either. At least that is the plan, maybe economic times will have drastically changed by then that their education may be less attainable by them without help, but the way I see it, there’s no reason why young, hardworking people can’t get to work and pay for their own educations.

To those claiming that the comment I made on my entry in my defense was “more snarky than any others”, and “unhinged”. Without a doubt, you are right, I have never quite felt so unhinged in all my life. I truly would love to know how each one of those who commented on my pictures would respond to the situation I was placed in that day. I felt ganged up on by a group of strangers filled with nothing but disgust for me. No, not every single comment was as vicious as some, but after the initial blow of a few of those comments, every single last remotely-hurtful word made a largely more significant impact than any of those commentors could have imagined.

To think, that upon making the choice to last-minute enter a children’s design contest happening in one of my favourite online places, my every choice as a parent would suddenly be under attack. The love for my children was being questioned. My hard work put into that room was being outright mocked and scoffed at. I, and the insides of my home, were quite literally the laughing stock of the day. To those who feel like I “deserved it” because I had entered the contest in the first place. Though I follow a lot of blogs, I truly had never once logged in to read the comments on a single post on Ohdeedoh or Apartment Therapy. I rarely ever comment on large blogs, let alone read them. Had I had ANY idea what apparently is a trend at such places, I wouldn’t have for one second ever entered my room in the first place. I was unfortunately na├»ve to the nature of commentors in such places, and honestly did not even think for one second anyone would be so offended by my pictures.

I am, however, upset with myself for even attempting to take a stand in those comments. I was very emotional that day, and I should have waited to gather my thoughts for a few days before I attempted to put into words how I was feeling. I do not apologize for what was said, I think every.single.last.word of it was justified. It could have, however, been said with much less emotion.

Through email correspondence with Ohdeedoh, I was informed that they also saw nothing wrong with having a child in the room with laundry appliances, given the fact that they, of course, weren’t ever run with the child inside. I was told my entry was accepted on its design merits alone. They didn’t even notice the cleaning supplies, and said had they did, they probably wouldn’t have thought much of it, giving me the benefit of the doubt that any normal human being wouldn’t put bleach in the reach of their curious toddler’s grasp. In the comments of the “non-jerky” post on Ohdeedoh, the editor there who approved my entry stated that she “stands by her decision”, and I thank her for that.

I hope everything here at least addresses the bulk of people’s concerns. I’m sure this won’t be the end of it, but I’m not sure what else I can say other than I love my children, and I honestly believe that at the end of each day, they are all sleeping safely in their beds.

I realize there are people who VERY strongly disagree with me. I’ve heard and read every single comment I could possibly find that was said about me in the past two days. I wish they could realize that though there is a large following of people out there that also hold their same belief, that there is just as large a following of perfectly-sane people who see absolutely no danger in having a child sleep in the presence of a sitting washer/dryer, and that these difference of opinion don’t make either of us “right” or “wrong”, just different from each other.

Also, to those who do disagree with me, I’ve heard your case, many times over, and I ask you to please not take this opportunity to try and state it further in the comments section on my blog. I understand your concern comes from a sincere place, no matter how it was stated, but there will be no changing my mind, and I will definitely be using my rights to delete unkind words from my comments section. If ever I need to know what others think, there’s plenty of other places I can find that. I am going to move forward from this now, and I hope we all can do the same.

I also would like to mention those who have supported me throughout this insanity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It took a lot of courage for those who actually logged in and stood up for me on Ohdeedoh, knowing that they would be in the minority up there, and to think that they were perfect strangers. I wish they could know what that meant and still means to me. 

And lastly, I know when I started my blog I made a promise to never post without a picture, but I’m all ready breaking that promise. There’s no place for a happy smiling family picture in this post as the entire circumstance of it is unfortunate, and I know you’ll forgive me. 

Tuesday, May 17

For starters, for anyone not sure what's going on, just read the last two posts. "Boston's Laundry Lair", and then "I've never been so mad." and it will all make sense!

I'm not totally sure why I'm sharing these, but I know what it's like to sometimes wish you could have read or heard exactly what was said, and I also think it's hard to describe just how vicious the commentors got, so here you go! There were over 100 in total, two of them were sooo extremely nice, five or six were still mean, but tried to be nice at least, and the rest were just outright mean, and the ones below...they were just plain hurtful. What's crazy is that ANYONE who knows me, knows I absolutely do not back down from a fight, I have a thick skin, and I am not one to run from controversy. 

I tried to write my own comment at the end to stand up for myself (it was super long, I just addressed the main hurtful things and stated that they could have been said a lot nicer, that I understand they are allowed to have opinions, I even agreed better safe than sorry and have moved the cleaning supplies....stuff like that). But even after that, people were still getting into it with me, so that's when I decided to just be pulled out of the contest all together. People like the ones who left the comments below aren't going to have their minds changed, so there was no point in leaving it up there to encourage them further. No, I'm not ashamed Boston is in the laundry room, but no, I am not about to take an international stand on a blog that I think it's okay, either. 

Anyway, here they are...enjoy. 

I think this is just sad to put a kid in a laundry room- so the other children could have their own room. What a way to make them feel like the poor middle child.

"I feel like I can be pretty relaxed parent but I feel like I'm getting punked with this one."


this makes me so sad

This is a joke, right? "Sorry, kid, your little brother's come along so you are getting put in the cupboard under the stairs -- I mean, the laundry room. Try not to drink the bleach or pull down the FOAM BOARD I shoved in there to cover the window." Yeah, he won't have ANY middle child issues.

But hey, at least they defrauded their student loan company so they could buy top of the line new laundry machines.

This can't be for real. Did they honestly spend student loan money on a washer and dryer? And then stuff their kid into a room with them? I feel like someone thought, "Hm...I want to win that contest somehow and yet I don't really have a small or cool space.... Maybe I'll stage a sleeping area in the laundry room and people will think I'm so hip and clever and I'll win prizes and be famous and popular!"

I know it's not April 1st, but this has to be a joke, right?

Poor kid. This makes me terribly sad. I hope these comments knock a bit of sense into these parents and whoever at Apartment Therapy "Ok-ed" this to be qualified as "Small/Cool" there is nothing cool about this. I'd enter this to Child Services... not a design competition.

I hate to be the one who says this, but you better hope a child services employee does not see this post - because I'm pretty sure this may fall under child endangerment. I would be pretty darn embarrassed to even show this space to my family, let alone share pictures of it on the internet to thousands of strangers!

How come no one mentioned - Earthquake? It could topple right on to the baby- or the heavy detergents could as well. Also, not much breathing space (SIDS anyone?) Also, I'm with user named 'papillon' This is definitely grounds for CFS to take your child away or at least recommend a different set up. I think kids in the 'projects' have better sleeping arrangements.

I think the "love you more" sign is just adding insult to injury. 

I have but one word for this room: disgusting. Seriously, ohdeedoh, you're either being punked and are too stupid to see it, or this family is gleefully putting their 2-year-old in harm's way and you think nothing of it. WTF is wrong with you people?

If you want your kids to have separate rooms so badly, go sleep on the sofa.

For the love...

chemicals and cleaning products stored ABOVE the crib?? Are you insane?! And putting your child in a room with major appliances?? Its going to be stuffy and humid, and there's hardly any air circulation. Do you not care about the risk of SIDS? I don't see an exhaust in there, nor a fan. THESE ARE BABIES, NOT DOGS. What's next? The garage? The attic? The storage shed in the backyard?

JUST MOVE ALREADY! You chose to have the kids, now move into a proper home where they have a proper bedroom. Seriously. Closets were bad enough, this is INSANE.

Ohdeedoh, look what you guys have done, you've made it popular to shove your baby into the smallest, most ridiculous, most UNSAFE spaces because you call it "cool" and "trendy" and "resourceful". When its really just STUPID.

Did anyone else notice that the child can reach the washer/dryer hook-ups in the wall, too????

I can't imagine in what WORLD it is better to stick your son in the laundry room closet, than for him to share a room with his brother. REALLY? 

It you had the extra loan money for those appliances, maybe you should have spent it on some more space? There has to be a better solution, this can not be the only place for your child. You can't dress this up with cutesy decor and expect people to think it's great.

Also, foamboard? The child could get it out and chew on it and choke.

(Here is where I wrote my comment.)

Lady, we're judging you because you put a CHILD in HARM'S WAY because you thought it would be CUTE for a WEBSITE. And BTW, I bought a nice HE LG washer/dryer set for under $1000 with my own damn money.

(The comment below was written by me, directed towards the girl who wrote the comment above. I should have known not to attempt to reason with a girl named Lulukittie!)

Lulukittie, I would like to see how you would handle being attacked like I was today. Except I wouldn't, because I wouldn't wish anyone to have to be under fire the way I was.
And student loans are paid back in full...with our own hard-earned money. And please at least read what I said. I never in a million years would decorate my child's room bc I thought it would be cute for a website.

(The one below was from her back to me. This is where I saw things getting out of control, feeling like I was in a yelling match online, and decided to pull the plug. I tried my hardest to not get ugly with my comments, but I know myself, and that probably would have only lasted so long!"

I guess I can't relate, because I've never submitted a dangerous and bizarre children's room to an Internet contest and then cried and lashed out at anyone who dares say a word against me.

I have to say that I was really, really hoping that this room was a joke. The fact that a real person is behind this madness-- and that she is blaming all of the commenters here for raining on her parade-- just makes it much more pathetic.

at least she gave the child a crib and he doesnt have to sleep in the washer...?


All I keep picturing is if I found a photo in a box in my mom's house of me or my brothers in a crib in a closet or our laundry room growing up and my mom said "oh, i liked having a place to put you when you were tired away from everything else so naturally, that was the laundry room" I would have thought she needed her head checked. 

(The one below was particularly noteful as it took a shot at Derick too!).

Stop complaining because you're not feeling the love! you should have Boston bunk with his older brother or the baby can be in your bedroom...laundry room/Boston's bedroom=a very poor choice!dumb idea,missy!-don't think much of your partner,either...

So mental, right? It sucks too, because of course I can see the humor in it all, but I wish I could laugh about it! I keep thinking, "Did yesterday really happen? Did I seriously get publicly flogged on Ohdeedoh all day long for last-minute entering Boston's room in a contest that I didn't even care to win?"

And of course, I need to include a picture. Sheesh, I never thought it would be so hard to want to find pictures to post! I guess this expression also sums up how I'm feeling today. 

I'm over the hurt feelings...not really, but the shock's worn off at least! Now I'm just not sure where to go from here. Part of me wonders if I should delete all evidence of Boston's Laundry Lair all together so it doesn't follow me anywhere, and the other part wants to address the outright bullying in the comments on Ohdeedoh (we're discussing a bit back and forth about their thoughts on this, as quite a few of the comments also criticized them for even choosing me). I just don't want to feel like I can never submit anything ever again because I'll always be known as the crazy girl who put her baby in the laundry room!! I started a blog to share things because I love it when others do the same. Anyway, I REALLY appreciate the supportive comments on my last post, thanks everyone. Man, these laundry room posts are going to need their own label soon!

Edited to add: Ohdeedoh just put up this post regarding commenting. 

It only just went up, and all ready a comment basically saying that I didn't have common sense and should have known better. That's what's frustrating...the people who left these comments honestly think that instead of us all just agreeing to disagree, they think they are right and I am wrong, and that they needed to be that mean to get their point across so I can have some "sense knocked into me". 

Monday, May 16

Holy cow what a day. Basically, Ohdeedoh submitted my entry this morning, but I didn't see it until 3pm-ish, when there was all ready 63 commments (and growing) on my post. 99% full of hate. I honestly, truly did not think people could be this mean! I've posted my own comment in rebuttal to at least try and address some of the hate, not that it's going to do a darn thing. I just thought I'd let my (few) followers know. I'm pretty sure I'm pulling out from the contest (I never even entered it to win in the first place as mentioned in my last post, just thought it would be fun). I don't think I can handle the hate! Here's the link to my the comments if you feel like seeing just how ugly people can be. And of course, even though I really don't feel like including a pic, I will hold up my end of the bargain and post one. This sums up just about how I feel today.
Edited to add: They unpublished my post at 8pm tonight. Anyone who follows Ohdeedoh in Google Reader will still be able to see the post, but not the comments. (I don't think). I cannot get over the mean things everyone was saying!!! In case anyone didn't get the pleasure of reading them (I saved a copy of them, do not ask me why), everyone was basically saying we were terrible parents who should be reported to Child Protection Services for putting our kid in the laundry room since there's a fire hazard with the appliances, and we are terrible people for buying our washer and dryer with our student loans, and as if we would even have bleach in the room where he could climb up and grab it (he can't), and that we must not love Boston as much as the other two and that he would have middle child syndrome. 
Honestly, I get where people are coming from, and I've moved all the bleach/detergent stuff. Better safe than sorry, right? And we don't run the washer/dryer when he is sleeping either. I just can't believe the hate in their comments, how they said things, and all the digs at me and Derick as parents as a whole. Never in a million years would I think that I'd wake up one day to 100 comments from COMPLETE strangers literally ripping and tearing me down as a person. I know I probably just sound like a big big baby...but it's my blog and I can cry if I want to, right? 

Saturday, May 14

So I was all set to post the pictures I took for Jennie of her cute little girls today, but when I woke up this morning, I had a fb notification from my very-awesome friend Ashley Hill telling me I should enter Boston's room in Ohdeeodh's Smaller Cooler contest. I had thought about it the day before, but decided I was too tired to take the pictures! :) But then I thought, um, Boston's room is so TINY, AND it's a laundry room! Lol! I totally should enter it! So I went to work, taking the pictures, and an hour or so later I had submitted it! Though I was bummed to find out that being an international entry, I only qualify for a book as a prize! :O) Oh well, I'm sure it's a cute book! And LIKE I WOULD WIN ANYWAY! Seriously, not even everyone who submits their rooms gets picked as an entry...they have to choose you first to even BE entered! So that alone would be worth it for me! So of course, I had to share it here too...and I thought I'd share the sources and problems/solutions I found along the way too! 

So here it is! All whopping 27.5 square feet of it all! The maximum the room could be for the contest was 75 square feet. Check! :) The submission form asked what my favourite thing about the room was, and I said my washer/dryer set! Lol! We bought them with our student loans...awesome, eh? They were a floor model, and I love that they are navy blue. 
The red hooks are from an antique store in Edmonton, the 2 is from Anthro (given to me by my also very-awesome friend Jordyn), I collect 1s in Van's room, 2s in Boston's, and 3s in Baker's. The crib sheet/bumper was clearance at Target, and the bumper below the Target bumper (the blue and yellow one) was sewn for me by Ducan Industries. I LOVE them. They are affordable, and they do awesome work....they cut any size of foam you want and cover it for you. They did our whole camper and a few other small projects. Man I wish I could sew! Anyway, I added that bumper below because the mattress was a little small, annnnnd I thought it would be cute! Rug (softest rug ever) is from Costco.

I got this B from the craft store on the Coutts highway, glued some batting onto the top of it, and then covered it in this wood-grain fabric with my glue fun. Don't look too close! ;) The crib and mattress was bought for $60 off Kijiji. I painted that crib by hand when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. It took five or six coats...and FOREVER. I should have sprayed dad even has a sprayer...NEXT TIME right? 
The wire frame B and green ceramic owl is from Urban Outfitters, the baskets are from Ikea, and I made the "love you more" print in Photoshop and printed it (too small unfortunately...hence the white border) at Costco. Wooden boat is from Mazatlan, Mexico bought straight from the guy who carved it (I love that about it!), and the plane is from TJ Maxx I think? Derick built the shelves...he's the best. 
I looooove how much storage I was able to get out of the little hidden "closet" behind the door. The grey bins are from Superstore and smaller white ones from Ikea. That mini laundry basket is also from Superstore...I love it...we take them everywhere in the summer! :)
The window covering was a toughie! I needed something that completely blocked out the light, but also something Boston's mitts couldn't grab and pull out, and it also had to be something I could pop in and out quick so I could still let the sun shine in, AND it had to be cute, of course! Finally I thought of white foam board...and found a piece big enough at Office Depot. I cut out two the exact shape of the window, covered the front one in vintage fabric from my Grandma's old stash (that my mom had still), adhered the two together with REALLY sticky two-sided thick tape I use for scrapbooking, and then pulled the rope through. And it works AWESOME. 
A closer look! :) You can also see the cute little vintage airplane I got at an antique store in Great Falls. 
Anyway, this is the first thing I've "shared" with anyone outside fb and for some strange reason I'm totally nervous! Lol! I hope to eventually take pictures of every room in my home and put it on my blog, so I'm glad that one room is down...only like 10 more to go now! :)

Friday, May 13

What a busy week! We decided to take these family pictures last minute last week, and by last minute, I mean at about 1pm in the afternoon, and we took these pictures at 6:30pm that night! I never felt so popular with all the text messages/emails I was getting trying to coordinate it and let everyone know! :O)
I was a bit flustered (there's always so much pressure for things to turn out right when you're taking the picture yourself), but it all worked out! That's right, I took this picture on timer! Lol! As in, hit the timer button, have ten seconds to prance back into the picture and ATTEMPT to look natural (and not fat), then prance (I'm saying prance, because that's what you do in heels, you prance), back to the camera, check things out, then do it all again a TON more times!
We actually had the remote all ready to go, even went out and bought the special battery for the little piece you plug back into your camera. Even bought AAA batteries for my actual remote which we didn't put in because we tested the remote, and it was working fine.....a few INCHES from the camera anyways! Ha ha..should have tested it farther than that! Hence...the timer shot.

Then I ever-so-kindly asked a (bewildered) worker (from this smelly factory place) to hit the shutter button for us a few times. He couldn't believe we were all gussied up and taking our family pic there. So I was happy to get to sit, and I love this pose about TEN MILLION times more than the last one (because I'm sitting=more flattering), but alas, I hadn't noticed that the sun had moved, and now was streaming into my camera lens, causing some super streaky sun flare in the pic. Sometimes I like sun flare. In this case, I do not! I don't hate it, it would just look better without it, that's all.
Ah well, Sam thinks she looks like she's in pain in this one anyway! :) I think it passes for a smile just fine though!

Then we sent Derick home to get the remote, because he's the best in the west, and we took this one...which turned out pretty cute I thought!! 

Of course, Derick's family looks good in pretty much every single picture taken of them, so that helps!!! By this picture, the kids had pretty much had it. Good thing we brought along some sparklers for Derick to put on a performance with behind me as I snapped away! :)

And there's your step-by-step narration of how self-taking our own family picture goes! I've actually done two more shoots since this one which I'll be sharing soon, a cute one of Jennie's little girls (by the way Jennie, YOUR PICTURES ARE DONE!), you can come pick them up anytime! And last night I did my first senior shoot! Talk about fun!! Non-drooly, crying, running-away-from-me subjects? Heck yes! 

Thursday, May 5


I did this little girl's newborn shoot in February, but I haven't shared it anywhere yet, so here you go! Holy cow, I have never seen a baby with so much CURLY hair!! She was seriously the cutest thing. And I got to use all the headbands I had bought/made when I was pregnant with Baker (since we didn't find out what he was), so that was nice! At least they got some use, eh? :) I'm perfectly happy to see them on other baby girls instead of my own...just in case anyone was wondering!!! :O) 
Oh, and these little suitcases too were for "her" room in case he was a she. 
That letter O was from the word Joy that I had displayed from Christmas. 
We had made these prayer rugs out of braided material for my Activity Days' girls, and I thought made it would be cute to put her in a little heart since she was born so close to Valentine's Day. (I think the day after??)
With cute big sis. Ellie. She's 2, and let's just say her and Boston could be two peas in a pod! :) She wasn't very excited about getting her picture taken, so we were all so happy when she finally just walked over and plopped herself on down in front of the door and started showing us her cutest scrunchy smile ever. 
I made this headdress thing like the ones on Skye's blog all the time. I think it actually turned out SOMEWHAT okay anyway! Lol! At least Oaklyn made it look cute. :)
Thanks again Kristi! It was fun to get to meet and hang out with someone from Derick's grade! :) And by the way, Kristi's little sister happens to be the best Zumba teacher EVER! Lol! She just left (or is soon I think?) on a big trip to South Africa for a few MONTHS! And I'm going to gain at least 20 pounds in her absence!! 

Sunday, May 1

My Camera

Hi friends. So I thought people might be interested in what camera equipment I have, and what classes I've taken and stuff. No? I apologize for telling you anyway then! So in 2008 I bought a Canon 40D (an older version of the 60D) and a 17-55mm f2.8 lens. I didn't know one thing about cameras, but I did a ton of research and was lucky enough in hindsight to have made a good choice! 

Then, I hated my camera for a solid year. It stayed on auto, and my pictures were either ho-hum or just downright crappy! I finally was recommended a photography class by my wicked awesome friend Krystie. Best.thing.I.ever.did!!! It was Karen Russell's class. Seriously people, if you own a DSLR, TAKE A CLASS! Go directly to your computer right now and sign up for one, do not pass go, and do not collect $200! :) 
You won't regret it. Why make it harder on yourself and try and be self-taught? Who has the time for that??? Where's the pride in making things TEN TIMES harder for yourself? I mean, there are totally self-taught people who are so awesome at photography and didn't need someone to teach them....but that wasn't me!!! 

I mean, at the VERY least, read up on PW's site. Read everything under the photography tab, and then read your manual...and practise practise practise!!! That would work too...just would take a bit longer, but it would be free! :) And if you haven't bought a DSLR yet, then you should! Especially anyone who hasn't started their family yet...because once those kiddos come along, everything just sort of gets TEN times harder all at once! 

Anyway, during Karen's class, I bought the 50mm f1.4. I'm still on the fence over which lens is my favourite! It changes...and honestly, I think it's inevitable to always want to try out other lenses and cameras and such and constantly think about just sort of comes with the territory, but ya' gotta' start somewhere! Anyway, I'll keep everyone updated as my equipment changes! Or maybe it's just me that's always interested in what someone's shooting with... 

Another great online class is Maggie Holmes', and I don't know anyone who has taken Nicole Hill's, but I bet hers is great too. I know there's another one I am missing. Really, it will be the best thing you ever did!! You all ready bought the camera (and if you haven't, you should!), so what are you waiting for? :)

So that's prob enough info for now. Maybe I'll add a gadget or something on my sidebar so I can easily update stuff there...and please don't take this post as me thinking I'm this awesome photographer person who everyone should be taking advice from! Lol! Seriously, most days I want to bang my head against a wall I get so frustrated with trying to get better at taking pictures (don't say I didn't warn you)...but when the planets align and I happen to get the odd picture right, it's sure a great feeling! 

And now for your promised pictures! I'm officially out of new pictures to post. Guess I'll just have to take some more!!

I risked waking my baby at naptime for a shot of his eyelashes closed. I think it was worth it! :)
I reeeallly hope ya'll aren't sick of seeing Baker's baby blues yet, because I'm pretty sure I will never get sick of taking pictures of them!
Boston is at the best stage right now. That hilarious chubby-toddler learning-to-talk stage, and it's the best thing ever!! 

Oh, and one last thing, I get asked now and then if I take pictures for other people too, and the short answer is yes! The longer answer is I just like to do it on the side now and then, I've been averaging about one shoot per month, and that's been great. Enough to keep me on my toes and allows me to try out new ideas I have, but not too much that it takes away from my family. I plan to start sharing some of the shoots on here at some point. Email me if you are interested!