Tuesday, April 19

Wedding Inspiration

Okay, so I had a friend send out a fb plea for some affordable but cute centerpiece help for her brother's wedding, and since about this time last year I was arm pits-deep in everything weddings (I had a bro-in-law and a sis-in-law get married a month apart), I emailed her some photos I still had on hand from scouting wedding blogs (that I have since deleted from my google reader, they were just clogging things up!). Anyway, and then I thought, hey, I have a blog now, so I can SHARE things just like this! Lol! So here's what I came up with! :) 
I would just like to say that I feel TERRIBLE that I have no idea whose weddings these photos came from, and no idea what photographer took them. I use Evernote now to keep track of things like this, and their sources, because I'm all about giving props, so anyway, sorry about that! I can link up the blogs I used to look at though...Style Me Pretty and Utah Bride Blog. Okay, here we go!

How cute is this chalk placemat? I love the idea of brown paper tablecloths, and you could do so much more with the chalk than just draw the place for the plate too!

LOVE these paper doilies from the dollar store...soo many places to use them.

This is by far my favourite one....such a simple thing, everyone has these jars too, and what an easy free way to display pictures of the happy couple. 

I liked the use of the log as something to change up the heights of stuff, so you can stagger heights of two or three things at a table. 

I LOVE the use of the tin cans below in this picture...just save your tin cans and you've got a free way to display so much cute stuff! 

Another super cute thing to do with the logs...both cut up in smaller slices and as a way to display a picture. Again, free!!

And I always love me some sticks....because, again, they are free! Noticing a theme anyone? :) And I thought it would be cute to spraypaint the sticks too to match the colors of the wedding...though left natural is a great way to work in those tones too!

 Love the messages carved into the wood here...or maybe it was burned? I can't tell from the pic, but that's what I would do....bend some wire into cute words, heat 'er up, and sizzle away! Again, free!!! 

 Another doily present. One of my favourite things from Tina's wedding was when we folded the paper doilies in half (so they were a semicircle), folded them over a string of twine, and stapled them on, and strung them up across the ceiling. SOOOO cute. 

Pinwheels in anything are so cute! (Like in tin cans or mason jars with pictures inside them!) ;)

There you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed it! I'm excited to see what Lyndsey and her mom come up with for her bro's big day! 


  1. seriously cute cute! all I need to do now it get married right? easy peasy!

  2. Okay you should have started your blog a while ago. I was supposed to do centrepieces for an RS thing and I was at a loss. Now I have a new "go to" place!

  3. cute cute cute. as always.

  4. haha, i could have saved you some time and just read your blog! love all of the ideas - so cute and so easy :) you're the best!

  5. No worries Lyndsey, I didn't make this post until after I emailed you these pictures! :) I figured I'd all ready separated the pics from my files at that point, why not make a post? I am excited to see what you guys ended up doing!


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