Monday, April 25


Happy Easter everyone! I meant to split this baby up into two posts, buuuut that didn't happen, so it's a big one! And for the google reader followers, I know, you all ready got a peek at some of the pics...I accidentally published a post early when I was testing how the pics were loading...not a big deal, but my heart still jumped into my throat for some funny reason! Lol! 

So I had to work tonight, which was a GIANT bummer since it was pretty much the nicest day of the year thus far! But Van did manage to put a huge smile on my face still. We were coming home from church, and I asked him what he learned, and I couldn't believe what he babbled off to me. It went like this. "There were some bad guys that were mean to Jesus, and they put nails in his feet and his hands and they beat him." (Who knew he was such a graphic storyteller?) "Then they put him in a stone for this many days (he held up three cute little barely 4 year-old fingers). Then someone moved the stone, and he came out and was alive." 
I was speechless! It just wasn't like Van to go on like that and actually remember so much stuff! He always answers, "I don't know" to things we KNOW he knows...I couldn't believe it. I wanted to turn around and go back to church and give his teachers a hug! (Who are obviously the best.teachers.ever).

So this year I was really excited to try this tutorial and plant some grass in some eggshells with the kids. I'm pretty sure everyone else uses wheat grass because it's stronger? But we had normal grass seed on hand, so that's what we used! The kids were in heaven..playing with dirt inside the house...we saved the eggshells up for a few days before. We eat a lot of eggs in this house!
I was really impressed with how quickly and easily the grass grew!! The kids loved watching it come in...if only we could grow it that good in your yard. Van tried his hand at leveling things off, but Derick had to step in and finish the job. I loved the result!! They were the best little photo subjects ever! :) Pretty sure we'll do this every year in some shape or form because it was so cheap and easy. You could even say they were EGGcellent.
I got these little egg cups at Winners a week or so ago for a few bucks and I was so EGGcited!  Ha ha...
I also got this cake stand for $5. And then I found this glass topper thing at Thrift Village for $2. I was EGGstatic! Just can't help myself.
We also paper mached foam eggs from the dollar store with yellow tissue paper, but it turned out to be a bit too sticky for Van to handle, and I quit after only four eggs...ha ha, but they were still cute! 
And then of course we did the usual egg dying...big whoop, right? The kids were in heaven...they sat there forever dumping the eggs in and out of each cup...
And don't mind the leather Harley Davidson-looking vest van is wearing (which is EGGactly what he is wearing), we also got it at Thrift Village for fun (since Derick has one), and he pretty much hasn't taken it off since. Like really, he slept in it the last two nights. He "pretend" rides his motorbike all over the house...and I love it.
And a couple shots of the kids this morning. Boston needs a tan, eh? I'm in love with that picture of Baker though...I love it EGGstra lots! Sorry for the picture overload...but I promised pictures, right??? So that's EGGactly what you're going to get! :o) And now my shift is finally over, so good night!


  1. Oh so cute! looks like you had an eggstra special easter!! and yes that pic of baker is awesome!!!

    and for sooome reason i cannot see your blog when it comes up on my google reader....any ideas? seeing as you are the expert on anything and everything! :)

  2. Okay you are a blog pro already! Love the grass idea that is so cute! All of it is so cute the boys the winners and thrift village steals I need to go there more! Love your blog!

  3. I wish there was a photo of Bos with his face and hands covered in chocolate! He was so cute yesterday stuffing his face! lol

  4. Ok, you didn't even comment on it but my favorite part of this post is Boston wearing that bunny hat! haha man that kid seriously cracks me up. And cute idea with the grass. And those egg cups, adorable. And that last picture of Baker is also REALLY adorable.

  5. HOLY FREAKING TAMOLEE!!!!! I JUST PUT MY CAPS BUTTON ON SO I CAN EMOTE THE EXACT EMOTION I NEED TO! THESE PICTURES ARE AHHHH-MAZING! WAHOOOOO FOR NOT WANTING TO BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST A WALL!!! Ok. I'm still really excited but don't wanna feel like a spazz who's yelling this whole comment. Seriously though? CUTEST PICS EVER! and LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic. THROUGH THE ROOF AMAZING! Also love the pic of the bunny ears! I'm not so sure about you starting a blog now though because it makes me miss the boys SO MUCH MORE now. mean trick. stop blogging such adorable pics please??? thanks!

  6. I am loving how cute your blog is! good job on getting it going. it is fun to see all of your cute ideas. keep in touch


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