Wednesday, April 27

Mat Leave

Okay, so I thought I'd clear up some stuff with my mat leave, because a friend, (hi Melissa!), pointed out that I talked about mat leave in my first post, but then mentioned my shift finally being done in my last post. Confusing, right? 

So basically, EI lasts 52 weeks. The first 2 are a waiting period (unpaid),  and then the next 15 are called maternity leave. The last 35 are called parental leave, and that's when Canada allows you to earn 40% of your EI cheque without losing any of your benefits. It goes by a per week basis, even though EI pays you every two weeks. SO if you were receiving $200 every two weeks (just a random number), then that means every week you're getting $100, so you can earn $40/week on top of your full EI cheque. Awesome, right? Every little bit helps! And most are making more than $200 bi-weekly from EI, since it maxes out at around $900/bi-weekly, so you could potentially earn a lot more. It sure makes being on maternity leave easier on the finances, since even if you were maxed out, $1800/month isn't enough to pay the bills, right? And you just fill out on online EI report every two weeks, so they can track what you are working. Easy peasy...though I still manage to forget now and then!

So there's your explanation! And now here's your promised pictures! :) I had to dig to find some new ones that hadn't been on fb yet or anything, so they are kind of random! 

Baker gets so excited when we undress him for his baths at's the best.
I can't remember what number game they are's weird how you forget stuff so fast, because when I took the picture I remember thinking their game was funny!
Baker giving Paco the packhorse some love! 
Van wanted me to take a picture of him on his tummy like this because I was taking pictures of Baker and making a big deal of him being on his tummy. :) Funny kid.
He's showing me his muscles...if you couldn't tell. :o)


  1. yep. stop your posts NOW! These are all so so SO cute and I miss them so so SO much!

  2. It seems to me that your kids get a perfect photo shoot every single day. When they get married, they will have the hardest time choosing pictures for the slideshow (well probably the fiance). Baker reminds me of a cuddly little teddy bear. What cute kids.

  3. I love that I can see pics of the boys at work now, it makes my day!!

    Al is done classes tomorrow, so I am hoping for some time to come visit SOON. I miss them so much!

  4. what cute pics of your boys. I love the one of Van in his boots. Make sure you don't work too hard during your mat leave!

  5. oh so cute!! bakers eyes seriously KILL me!! how are you ever going to be able to get mad at him??


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