Saturday, April 16

Happy 4th Birthday Van!

Yep, it's true! Van man is 4. It's pretty great having him grow up and be a bigger help all the time! I've never been one of those moms who wants to stop my children from growing! Lol! Maybe it's because our house is sort of overrun with little boys right now, so  I don't mind having Van grow up a bit! Lol!
So I thought I'd do a little post on some of the stuff I made for his birthday (with all of my spare maternity leave time of course). And no, I'm not talking about his hat that looked like a leftover craft drawer threw up on it! Lol! (Because that's pretty much what happened), but I'm talking about those sponge pom pom things in the back of the cake picture. Sorry for the bad pic, but here's a much prettier link of where I first saw them on Nicole Hill's blog, A Little Sussy (scroll down a bit). They were just made out of dollar store sponges, and I'm kind of hooked now! The only other thing I did was cut his streamers so that they zig zagged when I hung them up. It was fun for him to help, and turned out pretty cute I thought. Here's the blog that I saw that on (Jordan Ferney's Oh Happy Day).

And my Happy Birthday banner I made three years ago or something now? (Which is also how old those pictures are as my curtains that have since been replaced will show). I'm a HUGE SUCKER for making things and reusing them every single year in hopes that when my kids are grown up, they'll feel some sort of sentimental value for it...but really, with all boys so far, not so sure that plan is going to pan out...but one can hope, right?
Oh, and I tried my hand at my first fondant cake too! It was pretty easy...if you're looking at it from a distance that is! I really had no idea all you basically did was roll out the fondant and slap it on the cake! If you have bought the pre-made stuff, that is. The kids loved it though...they were popping those little balls in their mouths like popcorn...sick!
I actually made a yummy cake inside it too...funny actually, I was making the cake (a chocolate cake with a mixture of whipped cream and cookies and cream pudding inside), and talking on the phone to my sister Jolene, and she said, "isn't Derick home?". And I say, "yes, why?". And then I got it...she was wondering why on earth I was baking when Derick was home. That's right, that's how little I cook...sad, I know. I'm not proud of it! (In my defense, I'm usually working during dinner time!) I'm telling you people, mat leave changes lives!! Lol!
And yes, I realize it looks like it's Boston's birthday by the way he's perched himself in front of Van's cake...we got some with just Van, but then he let Boss share his chair and help with the candles since they're best friends and all! What a good big bro. Van is!


  1. oh man van is so big and so cute! and thats a cute logo....even if its not a logo!

  2. i LOVE that first picture! seriously such cute birthday props. I still love the streamers too. cute cute cute!

  3. happy birthday van! love the streamers- and way to go on the fondant cake!

  4. ya night and day difference! SUCH cute photos! i love love love the ones of them with the cake!

  5. Thanks Jennie...I actually ended up re-loading all the pictures for this post, so then I was too lazy to add the logo back, and have since decided not to bother with it! Lol!


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